Product Review | Citroën C4 Grand Picasso

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I case you missed it, this mummy blogger {that would be moi!}, scored an epic review op over the school holidays and we got to cruise in the delicious Citroën C4 Picasso for two weeks!  Just to see if it was up to spec, put it through its paces you know…..  fun right?

So, me, the kidlets, brand new car, full tank of diesel, hit the road, cruised the mean streets of Auckland {read: we went shopping} and even went country and headed for the sticks in Waipu.  We were roughing it up there I tell you ;  )

This car is the business.  I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could,  It is seriously the most lovely vehicle to drive and be a passenger in.  That’s important as there are generally more passengers in your car than drivers {unless I’m in it and then I might as well be driving because you know, I’ll probably be telling you how to drive ’cause I’m better…gosh I’m awful}.  

So much room.  Room erry’where!  Leg room, head room, back seat room, third row room, boot space – oodles of that.  Individual back seats make such a difference when stowing cargo – fancy word for buggy and port-a-cot – you can fold down just one seat if you need to or all three.  Genius.

Anyway, my fave features are immortalized on video for you to enjoy over and over again.  You’re welcome.

And thank you Kidspot NZ and Citroën, it was a pleasure driving this most excellent car for you, happy to oblige anytime, for like a year???