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Project 365:  Week 1

So it’s a New Year and one of my resolutions is to complete Project 365.  So far so good, though this week only consists of 3 days, kinda…

Friday * My vege garden is looking totally splendorous at the moment, I love every square inch of it (all the more so as I harvested the first Zucchini of the summer today!), but most of all I love the colours of the scarlet runner beans.

Saturday * Dave and Dad were away working this weekend so E and I picked up Mum and her doggies Molly and Marley and we headed to Muriwai.  Everyone had so much fun, apart from Louie who is wave-phobic and wouldn’t cross the high tide line, though he did enjoy chasing the lifeguards on their quad bike very much.  Marley has such a big personality that it’s easy to forget how itty-bitty he is, but you can definitely see his tiny-ness in this photo.

Sunday * Ethan and I packed a lunch, donned our backpacks, tied up our sneaks and went ‘Adventuring’.  We had a picnic, found crabs, played cards, layed in the shade, ran in the sun and hiked up FOUR HILLS to get home in the blazing heat.  It was awesome.