Shock and Awe – Shopping in Supré

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In keeping with New Zealand Fashion Week……..

Dave and I had a rare Saturday to ourselves this weekend so we did a strange thing – we went to town.  The Big Smoke aka AUCKLAND CITY.  It was a long a tiresome 16.2km drive from The Sticks, but we made it mid-morning and set out with a compass and a cut lunch.

One of the ‘Must Sees” on our tourist map was Supré.  I have read and heard many fabulous reviews of this low-end fashion house.  Friends have  picked up some great jeans from Supré.  Bloggers of note have some fab pants sourced from Supré.  I was excited.

This is what we found at Supré;

Dave was so overcome with excitement about future dress-up ideas that he set-off around the store snapping pics of his favourite items.  He discovered Kylie Minogues Spinning Around gold hotpants, lycra tights screenprinted with  the image of stonewashed denim in you guessed it…, white and blue (I could hear the strains of PANAMA blaring from Dave’s ears at this point), and as many slashed ho-bag eighties dresses as you could possibly desire!

Except, when it comes to shopping in Supré it’s wise not to get distracted by the pretty colours.  I am a size XL in Supré land, and call me crazy but there is no room in gold lame tights for an XL pair of thighs.

Who wears this shit?  Seriously, and is it right I ask you, is it decent that there is a whole chain store dedicated to outfitting New Zealand tweenies as hookers and pole dancers?

I was so confounded I quickly purchased two plain tank tops and proceeded to back my car into a concrete pylon.  Dave barely noticed, he was still wondering if his high kicks could possibly do justice to those stone washed tights.