Show & Tell | Zip Purse

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During a bit of a WTF moment last month I signed up for Cats Sew Sweet Blog Swap.  To participate I needed to sew a small zippered purse and share some candy etc with my swap partner.

Two things to note;

  1. I have never sewn a zip before in my life
  2. I busted out the sewing machine for the first time in approx 15 years in December, so my skills most definitely cannot pay the bills!

I pre-emptively felt sorry for my partner.

But, I found a tutorial online, picked out some fabric and got busy.

Zipped purse

I SO enjoyed making this.  As per my last project, the Advent Calendar Bunting, I really disliked the cutting out part and really enjoyed the actual sewing part.  Does everyone feel like this or just me?

I lined this little purse, used interfacing {which didn’t iron on as it was supposed to, only about 50% of it actually stuck} and somewhat successfully inserted the zip.  I feel like the zip was quite flimsy?  I have a feeling I should have done some extra stitching at the ends to hold it firmly in place.  Leonie if you read this I would love you to critique it for me so I can improve!

Being part of this swap was awesome as I learnt something new and having a little project to work on is what’s turning my gears at the moment.  Looking forward to the next one! {that is within my rather limited realm of ability lol}.

Zipped purse