The snot and the tears. Write on mummy bloggers, write on!

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I wish I had a ‘publish’ button in my head as I write brilliantly in the shower, or when I’m breast feeding, washing the dishes or rocking the baby. I’m able to continue my mental blogging as I move through the day, from diapering to shopping at the vets for a cone-of-shame for the second hand dog {life is quite possibly peaking in the glamour stakes right now}. Yet as I move closer to the Mac I can physically feel the days saved internal blogging transcripts shrivel and die, shrinking away from the light of the computer screen and receding back into the depths of my addled brain, never to be seen again.
But truth be told, I’m still in love with this blog.  I think about it all the time, I jot down ideas (that mostly never come to fruition), I revise the media kit that I’ve never written, I ponder fanciful things like ‘editorial calendars’, I take a gazillion photos and file them away to accompany this post or that post.  One day you might get to read them.  Of course I plan on sitting down “this week” and scheduling all of these marvelous literary diatribes so next week’s looking real good on the blog!
But we know better really don’t we mummy bloggers? We know and expect that everyone will get sick at once, that trucks will need new tyres and excesses will need to be paid for said truck who was crashed into a house by said mummy blogger, the mortgage rates will need to be negotiated in a rising interest market by said mummy blogger/family financial planner, that there will be mufti days remembered as child #1 is walking out the door in uniform and there will be nights spent awake comforting #2 as he feigns sleep while being held only to roar into life the second he touches down in the cot.
You know these things as they are your stories too.  And that’s why we write them and why we read them, as maudlin as it may seem to others, day after day.  Years of connections and now friendships gleaned through a few minutes stolen at the computer and pressing publish or comment.
Thanks for reading my friends, but mostly, thanks for writing.