Something I haven’t mentioned yet…

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Is that Ethan has two pet frogs.  Tim and Mike.  One is shy, one is not.  I don’t know which one is which but they are WILD creatures, caught fresh by Steve Irwin Ethan himself in his Nana’s pond.

So, five minutes ago I went into the boys room to take him to the bathroom before I went to bed and a sound like I have NEVER hear before ERUPTED from the floor and the brave frog hooned past me making his cacophonous run up the hallway into our room.

It was the most exciting Friday night I have had in a while, I have never had to deal with so many freaky animals in my whole life.  I am on animal duty at the farm this weekend, so I am feeding chickens and an extra dog as well as Lou and the frog brothers.

In other dog-related news, Lou got a mani-pedi today.  I asked the groomer how much to get him shaved, not ‘groomed’ just shaved, as if he was being admitted to prison shaved.  She was not happy with this request and told me $30 but said she would  not be able to make Lou beautiful without the whole she-bang.  I told her Louie may look like a prized pedigree Shi-Tzu but he is really a farm dog that needs the hair out from between his toes so he is able to stalk chickens and protect his girl Mollie from Boxer dogs and huntaways.  The groomer didn’t know WTF I was on about so I wrote her a cheque.  Cause that’s how I roll.