Sweet Little Notes & Deciduous Teeth

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Sometimes it’s too easy to look at my son and marvel at how he has grown into such a big boy {mostly because he is massive!}, how he is so independent and capable and smart but then out of the blue he surprises us with something so sweet and indicative of a seven year old that we suddenly remember how young and needing of us he still is. This is a nice feeling that I fear know will become more and more rare.

Ethan grew his wee ‘special‘ tooth quite early.  It looked like a regular tooth that had simply split in the middle.  Try and imagine my panic at the thought of a child with dental issues; we were living in San Diego at the time with NO health insurance in the land of user pays.  Scary.

Turns out it wasn’t a split tooth it was an extra tooth.  A lovely little mutant extra tooth. He has treasured his special little tooth as have we.  But he has been growing.  And growing and his teeth have been falling out like autumn leaves.

Last week we said goodbye to his extra tooth  (and it’s conjoined twin next door surprisingly).  As this wasn’t just any tooth E felt it warranted special consideration from the tooth fairy and I wholeheartedly agreed.