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Symptoms of Oestrogen Dominance and what you can do about it

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I haven’t hidden this from everyone, but I also haven’t been particularly forthcoming over the past six months.  I’ve been struggling.  A lot.

Nix had hit a really rough patch of sleep regression which had seen us facing night after night, AFTER NIGHT of sleep deprivation.  I couldn’t deal with lack of sleep, in fact, I remember the whole newborn, fourth trimester phase was easier to deal with than this almost 3yo “Imma gonna punish my parents and make them stay awake for  h o u r s” routine.  That got old really fast and took a heavy toll on me.

Dave seemed to be able to handle waking at 4am and just got on with the day (the long, long days!), whereas I found functioning on repeat doses of minimal sleep akin to torture.

Oh wait, sleep deprivation IS torture!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog 30 PlusSo yes, like every other mother who’s gone before me, I was being tortured by my toddler.

Luckily, the past 12 months have also seen the introduction of coffee into my life via the fabulous Nespresso, this has helped get me moving in the mornings which is crucial to life, yes, but believe it or not, coffee can’t fix everything  :::::sad face:::::

When I’m tired, I obviously have zero energy but what is more noticeable to others, is how my mood suffers and I was losing the plot more frequently.

This was NOT good.

To help with LIFE basically, I’ve been taking 30 Plus NuWoman twice a day for the past 3 months.  Initially I thought it was a multi-vitamin for old chicks like me (HA!), but it’s totally not.  Designed by a naturopath, 30 Plus is a hormone balance pill.  And by god it’s worked it’s magic on me!


Had I been paying more attention to myself, there were definite signs that something was amiss:

  • I’d been snapping at the kids and Dave more than usual
  • An anxiousness/stressy shortness of breath had returned that I hadn’t felt for ages
  • Motivation was lacking and I was becoming even more of a homebody
  • I was struggling to maintain a steady weight – those scales kept going up and up despite keeping active and eating how I always have
  • I was always tired
  • Chocolate cravings were ever-present

There are more symptoms which you can read about here, but these are the ones that were particularly affecting me, every single day.

I did a bit more digging and found out what causes excess oestrogen and/or hormonal imbalance:

I had never heard of Oestrogen Dominance before (and thought it sounded quite ominous tbh) so was interested to find out how commonplace the contributing factors were;

  • Oral contraceptives – not in my case
  • Childbirth – YES
  • Synthetic or artificial Oestrogens from food – not sure
  • Prolonged stress levels – YES
  • Erratic menstrual cycles – not me
  • Long term hormonal imbalances – highly likely!

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog 30 PlusWho is 30 Plus for?

Despite the name, 30 Plus isn’t just for women in my age bracket.  It could definitely work for you too as they say it’s for women of ALL ages.  There are many phases during our adult lives when our hormones can cause mayhem; you could be trying to get pregnant, trying NOT to get pregnant, rebalancing after having children or navigating that tricky pre/post menopausal period.

The Verdict?

I haven’t felt this calm and level in years – 11 years to be exact.  I’m pretty sure my hormones have been out of whack since Ethan was born and I’ve been riding an emotional rollercoaster ever since, with my family unwillingly along for the ride.

30 Plus NuWoman is the real deal, it’s made me feel like a new woman and I plan on taking it well into the foreseeable future.

Where can I get it?

Pharmacies, Health Stores and in Countdown! Look out for great deals and connect with the team at 30 Plus here or on Facebook here

The Giveaway

I’d love for you guys to try 30 Plus NuWoman and see if it can help you get your mojo back too!

4 readers will each win a 3 month trial of 30 Plus NuWoman Natural Hormone Balance Support!  This makes me SO happy!

To enter, simply leave a comment below.  Contest closes Friday June 17th.  NZ + Australian residents only.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Parenting Travel Blog 30 Plus