{CLOSED} 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY | Hape All Season Furnished House From www.thewoodentoybox.co.nz

{CLOSED} 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY | Hape All Season Furnished House From www.thewoodentoybox.co.nz

The Wooden Toy Box NZ

We made it! It’s the final day of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and talk about going out with a BANG!

The Wooden Toy Box Company have been super generous with the Runna Mini Balance Bike we gave away yesterday and now today we have this beautiful All Season Furnished House from Hape up for grabs! 

Wooden Toy Box Furnished Doll House Mummy Blog NZ

The All Season Dolls house is great for pretend family play all year round. Arrange and rearrange the furnishings and even the roof to match the seasons. The doll’s house features six rooms, moveable stairs, and a reversible winter/summer themed, solar-panelled roof to inspire year-round activities. The furnished set comes with one master bedroom, bathroom, media room and kitchen. Or you can purchase just the shell and furnish yourself. (Adult assembly required. Dolls not included. Dolls sold separately)

Enter via the matching image on our FB page and head to The Bubbalino Kitchen for another chance at winning this incredible prize and making some little persons dreams come true on Christmas morning!

{CLOSED} 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway | Runna Mini Trike and Balance Bike

{CLOSED} 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway | Runna Mini Trike and Balance Bike

The Wooden Toy Box NZ

Told you that the prizes were just getting better. How amazing is this one!?

The Wooden Toy Box is a Tauranga based business that prides themselves on being able to offer you a full range of quality wooden toys at permanently discounted prices. With over 400 products to choose from, for every age and stage of childhood, this online store is the business.

Every toy comes with the Wooden Toy Box Promise, ensuring that you and your little ones will have a beaming ear to ear smile with every toy we deliver. We are a New Zealand company and we play by New Zealand rules.

Not only that, The Wooden Toy Box has an environmental conscience too. Aware of their own carbon footprint, and that of their suppliers, they make every effort possible to do their part for the environment. As well as offsetting carbon emissions using Carbon4Good, they are also selective of their product offerings and the suppliers they work with. 

They offer FREE delivery on all orders over $150.00 and cheap as chips rates under that spend. Their website is organised in a very user friendly fashion and you are able to shop based on child’s age, price, brands or category which is a feature I found super helpful when trying to figure out what to buy my youngest child for Christmas this year!

Runna Mini Bike New Zealand

Today we are so excited to have this amazing Runna Mini Bike to giveaway. One lucky child is going to be grinning from ear to ear come Christmas morning! 

If you’re not already aware of the huge benefits that balance bikes give our kids – they teach young children to gain balance, maintain control and build confidence quickly. But more importantly balance bikes remove the need for training wheels allowing your child to progress straight to a two wheeled pedal bike.

Until now these benefits have only been available for children 3 years and over – but not anymore. This amazing bike starts off as a 3 wheeled trike this can get your 12 to 18 month toddler on their first set of wheels. Then from 18 months it will convert to a two wheel balance bike at just the perfect height to get all the benefits of a balance bike.

Then from 2.5 years on they move to the full size balance bike Then on to their first pedal bike to complete the evolution from walking to riding.

Please visit the website for all product details and information. Enter via the widget below. And remember, to visit The Bubbalino Kitchen to add to your chances of being picked for this awesome giveaway!

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Christmas Gift Guide | Gorgeous Wooden Toys Kids will LOVE!

Christmas shopping for little ones is my absolute fave, especially if you shop a little further afield than your local department store – and by further afield I totally mean mean online shopping not actually driving further away that would be ludicrous!  If you are brave enough to escape licensed product :::::shudder:::: and the multitude of plastic toys that stock the aisles there are some beautiful {and ssshhhh, educational} options to fill the stockings this Christmas.  

The Wooden Toybox asked me to visit their online store, do a bit of shopping and curate my top toy picks for Christmas.  Truly, this was a harder job than it sounds even for an expert online shopper like myself as there are just way too many choices, and most of them are under $50!

Christmas Toys Under $50 NZ

 Build up Peg Board $30.  I purchased this for Nixies 1st birthday back in July and we love it!  So good for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, plus developing pattern building later on.

Firefighters $44  I added these to the list because every kid has vehicles to play with but no ‘MANS’ as Nix calls them, and these ‘MANS’ are SO cute!

Magnetic Heart Cake Set $30

Construction Site Peg Puzzle $12  This one is under the tree for Nixon {theoretically of course, because in reality the tree’s days are numbered #nonixonno}.

Sushi Selection $27

Gingerbread Baking Set $28  This is getting gifted to a friends little girls and it’s SO cute, and Christmassy!

City Fire Engine $48

UFO $40

Fix it Toolbox $25

My First Loom $29  Weaving!!!! Excite.  I had a plastic-fantastic loom when I was a little girl and I loved it, plus hanging-woven-things are going for mega-bucks on Etsy right now, so maybe a loom for the whole family?

Christmas Gift Guide Wooden Toys NZ

City Car Park $110 Boys, check.  cars, check.

Round Activity Pond with Stand $129 This is on my wish list for our garden, nothing keeps my boys happier than playing with water.

The Farm Yard Set $90 Animals for the ‘MANS’ cute!

Runna Mini Trike $79 This is a balance bike for babes from 12 months!  Nix is going to be all over this {helmets also available : )}

All Seasons Furnished House $235, not your average dolls house right?

Log Hauler $82

Gourmet Kitchen $150

Discovery Space Centre $150

If you have been playing along with our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway keep your eyes peeled for a couple of these toys and you could have some very happy kids on Christmas Day!

This post was sponsored by The Wooden Toy Box.  All opinions expressed are my own.






Christmas Gift Guide | All the Beautiful Books!

My Christmas shopping is progressing surprisingly well this year.  I hate rush-shopping so have been steadily ticking items off my list for the past few months.  The kids gifts are a different story however.  The only presents locked in and ordered so far are books.  And that makes me so excited!  I LOVE ALL THE BOOKS!

If you’re in New Zealand you only have until the 8th of December to get your Book Depository orders placed to ensure delivery before Santa comes, so get that plastic cranking!

Here are the books that will be under the tree at our house this year {so far lol}

 Christmas Gift Guide Books - Mummy Blog New Zealand

Oh No, GEORGE! By Chris Haughton

Animalium By Jenny Broom

The Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm By Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

The Elephant and the Bad Baby By Raymond Briggs

Roadwork By Sally Sutton

Dear Zoo By Rod Campbell

The Ocean Alphabet Book By Jerry Pallotta


Christmas Treats | Shortbread Stacks & Cupcake Icing

Christmas Treats | Shortbread Stacks & Cupcake Icing

Shortbread is such a holiday favourite isn’t it?  I love it and always whip up a couple of batches each year to gift to our neighbours and friends.  Instead of using my old faithful Christmas cookie cutters I used my round set this year and simply stacked the biscuits up and tied them with bakers string.  There is nothing spectacular about the recipe, it’s just the Edmonds go-to, but I quite fancy this presentation for a change.


These little stacks went off to work with Dave to give to some colleagues and friends and as soon as the baby sleeps for more than half an hour I’ll get another batch on!  How can he not be as tired as me??????

Mum had a pot-luck to attend last week and as I had a stash of un-iced cupcakes in the freezer I Christmas-ed them up with some buttercream, candy canes and little silver cachous.  Crushed candy cane pretty much sucks to work with, it gets really sticky if you handle it.  The best thing to do is crush it in a zip lock bag and sprinkle it on straight from the bag, avoiding using your fingers.




Acquisitions | Smiggle Advent Calendar

Acquisitions | Smiggle Advent Calendar

Ethan’s birthday is on Wednesday and he has been as notoriously hard to buy for this year as he is every year. Luckily his birthday is close enough to Christmas to be able to slide in this wicked advent calendar under the guise of a birthday prezzie.
E is a huge Smiggle fan so I just know he is going to love opening up 25 days worth of cute stationary treats.
RRP $30 from Smiggle stores.


Christmas Shoebox Project Completed!

Christmas Shoebox Project Completed!

We finished picking, packing and wrapping our families contribution to Operation Christmas Child this weekend. I have discovered that I am absolute rubbish at wrapping cardboard shoe boxes {how can it be so hard?}.
I thought I would share what we included in our gift box in case you needed some ideas or are still undecided about whether or not you will contribute to this amazing charity.
So, we decided to prep our gift for a young boy around Ethan’s age (7);


  • 1 exercise book
  • 1 spelling notebook
  • Coloured pencils
  • Writing pencils and pencil sharpener
  • Cars posters to colour in, markers and stickers
  • Toy car
  • Marbles
  • Funky pen
  • Cuddly alligator
  • Glow stick
  • Lego mini figures
  • Flannel and soap
  • Toothbrush
  • Squishy ball
  • Frisbee
  • 20121022-172604.jpg

    There is a drop off location just off Lincoln Rd in Henderson so we plan on delivering our Christmas Shoebox on Wednesday!
    How are your families donations coming along?

Christmas Giving | Lets do this!  I dare you

Christmas Giving | Lets do this! I dare you

I am SO excited about this project, I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it is, how easy it is, how absolutely meaningful it is and how much we are going to enjoy putting it together with Ethan.

Of course I discovered it on Create Hope Inspire, Miriam seems to know no end of awesomeness!  Let’s teach our kids {in a really hands on way} about giving this Christmas.  About sharing with a child in a far less privileged position then our own and lets do it now!  Well you actually kinda have to do it now before time runs out.  Intrigued?

Check this out;

Operation Christmas Child is a charity operating in Australia and New Zealand.  You decorate a shoebox in Christmas wrap, fill it with selected small items that a needy child would just love and be ever so grateful for {think small soft toy, pencils, school books, soap, flannel toothbrush, something to play with etc}, then drop your shoebox off at one of many locations around Australia and New Zealand {NZ list here}.  The boxes are gathered and shipped to locations around the world and children who would normally go without get to enjoy something just a wee bit special this Christmas.

So, are you in?  Here’s the simple instructions;

Operation Christmas Child

Our family is on this like white on rice.  We have our shoebox, I did the grocery shopping today so have picked out the first few items, Ethan has ideas about what he is going to contribute, Mum is adding some school supplies – I actually think there could be more than one shoebox leaving this house hopefully!  There is so much to love about a project like this.  Buying a goat for a village is a wonderful idea, but kind of hard and intangible for my son in NZ to get his head around.  Donating money is also a very practical and easy way to donate, but you just never really know where it ends up.  When you drop off your Christmas shoebox you can pick up a tracking label which will allow you to follow your boxes journey to the country of its intended recipient.  Love it.

So who’s in?


PS If you are even thinking about leaving some nasty-ass comment about how charity begins at home i.e. NZ…… don’t bother please and thank you : )

Christmas Post #3: Secret Santa or little gift for that pesky Eco-hippy friend

When I was Christmas shopping for E the other day, I only bought myself ONE present and it was this little gem from Natures Window;

Purse Friendly Eco-Shopping Bag 2

Purse Friendly Eco-Shopping Bag

How cute is that!  $6.95 friends!  It’s one piece and so teeny, made from good quality nylon, it has a drawstring closure and clip so you can snap it onto your purse where you can find it in a hurry – like when you need to whip it out at the check-out and proclaim “NO BAGS PLEASE, I’ve got it covered”.  You will be the coolest girl for miles, or at least in The Warehouse which is where I usually find myself bag-less and alone and struggling with the moral dilemma of bag-or-no-bag.

Sorry about the hair, it’s been raining awhile and even the GHD’s are backing away terrified.

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