Ethan’s Art Work

Arts in Action

Arts in Action

We were lucky enough to be able to attend our local Arts Centre’s open day last weekend, what a treat!  Pretty much our whole rugby team turned up and the boys made the most of the amazing opportunity to try their hand at pottery, mosaic, clay modelling, jewellery making, painting, wood carving and much more.  It was lovely to see such a usually physical, hard core bunch of little athletes getting in touch with their ‘artistic’ side!

I definitely recommend investigating whether there is an arts centre near you, there is so much on offer by these small, community driven organisations you may be quite surprised – I know I was!  We can’t wait to bring Ethan’s beautiful bowl home after it has been fired.

For information on the Kumeu Arts Centre, visit their Facebook page here



Saturday Morning

No time for getting dressed, there are planes, and shields and x-wing fighters to be made!


Boys and planes

In the throes of crafts

Look at this delicious playlist, so nice.  I think we might have to buy tickets to the Wilco show at the Civic……


Last Batch of Kindy Art

I’m loving the addition of the cheetahs in this lot of artwork, nice to see Ethan branching out a bit and painting something other than sharks!

You can click on the images to view them in the lighbox, tres fancy I know!

Little Boy Art

Ethan’s Art Work


There was some special technique used in this piece, Ethan is a bit shady on the details unfortunately, I think he spends most of his time trying to get Miss Maya’s attention “She’s so pretty I just can’t stand it Mama!”  Oh lord the teenage years should be good.

Kindy Art

Ethan's Art



Ethan is loving the family portrait at the moment, he is also working hard on his sewing – yes Bush, they let pre-schoolers use a REAL needle to do this!

Maths & Art

This one is fab, it is a maths / art combo as they had to use the stickers to create a pattern for the border.  Check out how happy we are – apparently we are at Ethan’s soccer match, he is subbed off and we are all cheering for the Wizards !

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