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Say hello! Qwerky Home + Giveaway

Yay another Monday and another awesome Mum to introduce you all to!   I’ve only connected with Leigh-ann from Qwerky Home over the past 48 hours and to be honest it’s been a flurry of emails back and forth as we threw this feature together but…….gosh, if this woman isn’t as lovely, positive, excited and as fun in real life as she …

Toddler Nursery Room NZ

Daily Look | Nixon’s Room

Almost two years on I still love this wee nursery.  I was laughing with some girlfriends the other night about the state of it though.  What you don’t see in this image is the gnawed, beaver tracks on the cot rails –  Nixon is THAT child in every possible way!  It will be time for a makeover soon though, as …

Daily Look | #shelfie

I have THAT child.  The one that is obsessed with getting his mitts on anything that cost more than a cup of coffee and may be potentially fragile and expensive to fix.  My DSLR has just returned from a holiday at Canon HQ and now needs to be kept up high.  A string shelf phaff was obviously in order! Follow