A little reflection on the days tweets

I read an update on twitter today, thought ‘ho hum’ and obviously filed it away until my brain was ready to process it.  Well I was ready to think about it when I was driving home from netball this evening.

Here’s the tweet

Beenie Man kicked off BDO line-up

Soooo…..a little background.

Dance Hall artist Beenie Man has been scratched form this years Big Day Out line-up because of his homophobic antagonistic lyrics.  Gay rights activists launched a FB campaign, got some publicity and the promoters pulled old Beenie Man.

What I find ironic or moronic about the tweet by djsevere is his indignation at ‘conservative’ New Zealand.  Ummmm, I could be wrong but in my experience it’s the homophobes of the world who are generally classed as the conservatives in ANY equation.  My hash tags would be #headdesk #fail @djsevere.


Things I'm loving this week

  • I am totally loving shopping for my power as opposed to be TOLD how much I will pay per unit.  Mercury Energy sucks.  They along with the other power companies in NZ have continuously raised prices in the 3 years since we have been back, to the point where we along with numerous other New Zealander’s lived in fear of receiving their monthly power bill.  Not anymore.  I have switched to powershop.co.nz an now I get to decide how much I am prepared to pay for each unit of power I buy.  For example, I just purchased 300 units (almost half of what we will use in a month) of carbon neutral power from Meridian Energy for 20.59c per unit.  Compare that to my old rate at Mercury 22.22c per unit and you have a bargain.  But wait, there’s more!  There is no daily fixed charge at powershop.  NONE.  So my power has just gotten even cheaper.  Love it!
  • I am also loving Firefox browser, you can tweet from your address bar with the twitterbar add-on!
  • Loved The Pursuit of Happiness.  Watched it this week for the first time, and though it is utterly miserable in some parts, it humbled me and reminded me why Dave works so hard for us and of how much joy the little things can bring.
  • Loving the bustle of going to work – yes, I meant to type that.  The novelty hasn’t worn off.  Everything is different when you are out in the world dressed and ready to go at 8am!  I love the way people drive around the business park where I work.  It is fast and purposeful, people have places to go and things to do AND I AM NOW ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!  It’s super busy, but Ethan isn’t missing out on me at all as he is at kindy the whole time I am at work, and I feel like I don’t need my happy pills quite as much as I did 3 months ago.  That’s progress.
  • Finally, I am going to love Pearl Jam all over again when they play here in November.  I know, I know, how ’90’s of me, but Eddie and pals were one of THE big-deal-very-important bands for me as a teenager.   I saw them when they played here in 1995 at The Mt Smart Supertop (relive that amazing show with the setlist here)and I will see them again this year and Dave will come with me and he WILL love it!

    Pearl Jam Concert in Auckland

The Vaselines – Enter the Vaselines – 13 Jun 2009 – Music Reviews – NZ Herald Blog

The Vaselines – Enter the Vaselines – 13 Jun 2009 – Music Reviews – NZ Herald Blog.

OK this is just plain eerie.  Not one hour ago I was sitting at my neighbours dinner table, we were talking about music, Ethan stated that he and his Daddy like punk rock.  I immediately recounted how I found the boys last Sunday.  They were in the spare room / office listening and shaking their butts to The Vaselines (not punk rock I know) – Ethan LOVES Son of a Gun, and Dave was educating him on the scurrilous nature of Nirvana and the success they enjoyed partly by covering Vaselines songs.  And now THIS ^^^^^.  A new Vaselines album!  The joy!