Netball Update Week 2

  • Fitness, much better although NOT having fish n chips and a bourbon pre-game probably helped tonight.
  • Bitch-face ref still hates me.
  • I can’t walk, seriously.  Both hamstrings are screwed, I was almost in tears driving home as it hurt so bad to keep my foot on the accelerator
  • Our team name……wait for it “The Westie Mums”!  I am SO in touch with my roots, Te Atatu’s calling……
  • I caused this little Oompa Loomps goal attack to face plant tonight, not intentionally you understand, but it was the best faceplant I have EVER witnessed – & she totally deserved it, she is one of those sneaky contact people, and when she gets called up she’s all like “aw what?”.  Not me, I know when I have been bad and I “STAND DOWN GOAL DEFENCE“. Yawn.
  • Dave came to watch tonight, he was quite excited, he has never seen me PARTICIPATING, or GETTING INVOLVED.
  • The best part about my team is our name; The Westie Mums.  Shore girl over here has lost her bearings!

So, I’m not planning on being able to walk tomorrow which should make for an interesting day at work.  How nice.

I'm a team player. In a NETBALL team.

I am Goal Defence and if


(I put that in red so you could see just how much the ref liked me and my friendly style of defence).

Here I am in action;

lady footy

Just jokes, even I know that they are playing some kind of rugger, but that looks like fun! (doesn’t that blonde chick look eerily like me though?)

So, I am in a netball team.  I’m not sure how this happened but in a moment of insanity I told one of Ethan’s teachers that, yes, I would LOVE to join her netball team.  I haven’t played netball in approximately 12 years and I was fine with the idea until this afternoon when I frantically began cleaning to distract me from thoughts of my imminent court debut.  I even used furniture polish ON THE FURNITURE.  That’s how nervous I was.  I even drank a bourbon.  But I was still nervous (this wasn’t such a good idea in hindsight).

I also didn’t know anyone in my team.

But I was brave and I went to the rec centre and played my little heart out.  I had to do two toss ups cause there was no way I was letting go of the ball once I had my mitts on it.  I lost both of them but I put this down to the fact that I forgot to cut my nails and I didn’t want to scratch the shit out of my opposition on the first day.  That would have made me a hot favourite with the ref for sure.  I got one mean intercept and once I was able to navigate the millions of lines on the court and figure out which ones were for netball I was ok.

We lost 24-14 but we played the best team in our grade so the girls did not think that was too bad.  Did I mention that the game was 40 MINUTES LONG and we had NO SUBS?   It was a miracle I didn’t throw up after I landed one of many many contact-inducing leaps at the opposing goal attack.

This sport business is hard work.  It’s really going to cut into my sitting on the couch and inter-webbing time.  On the plus side, Ethan should be happy that mama now has a hobby other than taking showers.