The Only Goal

I took this as Ethan was roaring up the field to score The Wizards only goal this week. He was so focused, check out his little tongue poking out, those defenders were hot on his heels but Ethan smoked them.  MVP again! Follow

Project 365 * Day 3: Yes you can Ethan!

Four of my favourite things right now; Our delicious Obama action figure, my gorgeous ceramic vases from The Chicago Art Institue courtesy of little brother, lavender sprigs from our driveway and my baby’s soccer trophy – Most Improved Player. kick some ass Ethan, do it for America! Follow

Project 365 * Day 1: Stuck

Lou loves soccer, he is very good at dribbling but he can’t seem to get his head around how to score a goal.  He seems perplexed.  I hope this isn’t a symptom of more serious issues.  I thought since we moved to the farm that we had dealt with his depression and doggy-Prozac wasn’t going to be needed.  We can …


After Ethan’s first, somewhat tearful, soccer game last week, we were cautiously optimistic yesterday morning when we rolled up for game number 2.  I was pretty sure he had himself together though, there isn’t too much that really throws Ethan for a loop and soccer ticks all the boxes for him really.  It is structured, there are rules, there is …

First Soccer Game

Saturday morning was dry and sunny thank god, but very crisp with so much frost the fields looked like they had had a light dusting of snow.  It melted as the little guys began to warm-up and they began their 15 minutes of training before the game began. Things were looking good as this point, Ethan was doing great, getting …