Team Sport. Therapy for Grown Ups

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Ah yes.  Tonight was netball night, otherwise known as shit-I-have-the-hairiest-legs-EVER night, or “Mum, when did you get an Ahhh-Bra?” night.  Damn infomercials.  That would be a sports bra son. Telling my ultra-competitive, good at all sports son that we got caned is also not that much fun.  I neglected to tell him our opposition were down a player; minor detail.

Truth is, I LOVED our game tonight.  It was hilarious, the ref was a whistle blowing maniac who pulled both teams up every 10 seconds for stepping {not joking one bit}, she also loved blowing her whistle if we happened to toe the line on a throw-in, or if she even thought we may have almost toed the line on a throw-in.

She was consistent and she was thorough.  She made me think about how rare it is for us in adult life to defer to a stranger, repeatedly, even if they are wrong!  But, defer we did, and laugh and had a really good run {no subs!}.

A team is a commitment in a world where none of us Mum’s have any free time – there is always something else to do, something more worthy, something dirty that we’ve been neglecting for too long already.  However, the connection and common goal of the ladies I barely know {lets be honest!} is such a refreshing break from the grind that it makes leaving the house on a freezing Monday night in winter totally worth it.  For me, being part of this netball team isn’t about fitness or exercise at all.  It honestly could be a Ten Pin Bowling team and I probably would have said yes to joining!  It is simply just about blowing the cobwebs out a little and being part of something that extends beyond the mailbox.

How do you guys clear you heads and get a little Mama time?