Sick little boy

The Bug in the Photo Frame

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You know those little annoying 5min jobs that you put off and put off until it becomes so ridiculous that you haven’t done it yet that the job just becomes a write off?  No?  Perfect?  Well done.

Some of our friends in San Diego framed a photo taken of Ethan a day after he was born.  It is a beautiful, extravagant frame with a lovely beaded matt and totally unlike anything I would pick for myself.  There has been a bug preserved under the glass in this frame for about three years – I really should have named him and started a Facebook page, however I digress.

Ethan has been fighting a major head cold all week.  I know this for a fact as he has been sleeping in our bed with me while Dave nurses his big new tattoo on a mattress on the floor {Ethan’s room is currently undergoing a major makeover so we are all camping together. yay}.  He has soldiered on at school all week but today just wasn’t going to fly.  He got dressed, all ready to go and then I had a long hard look at him and realised that it didn’t matter if I didn’t get paid today;  my boy was sick and needed a day in bed.  At this point I had forgotten about my nifty remote access which means I can indeed work from home, but it was time to get my priorities in order.

So there we were, Ethan rugged up and watching fishing shows, me deciding that a day when I can finally clean the bug from the photo frame really wasn’t that much of a sacrifice anyway.

Sick little boy