36 weeks

The difference between my 1st & 2nd pregnancies

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As I near full term status (36 weeks today!!) I have been thinking a lot about how I have felt during this pregnancy, eight years on from my first.
I have come to the conclusion that pregnancy the first time around is monumentally focused on surviving the birth; the great unknown.  Every aspect of being pregnant with Ethan was exciting, new and amazing.  I remember saying to Dave that I almost felt like I was the only woman ever to have been pregnant because I felt such wonder in every new stage, kick, hiccup, midwife appointment!   In direct contrast, this time around I feel like its all about surviving the pregnancy itself. The birth is out of my control. It will happen in its own time and follow its own path whenever hippo decides he is finally done getting fat(ter).
I don’t have a birth plan {I honestly haven’t given it more than 5 minutes thought!}, I’m working for 3 more weeks – hippo allowing, and I feel like I am literally counting down every second and minute until the end of this pregnancy.  That makes me feel bad.  I have had an amazingly easy pregnancy, just like with Ethan, I have had to suffer through only minor instances of all of the usual preggo complaints compounded a little by the sheer size of baby #2 and the accompaning bump!  But I know what’s ahead in terms of labour, recovery and getting back in shape, I know that no matter how many people say “you’re all bump!” that I will leave the hospital all rolly, round and squishy and I will hate it.  That too will pass.

I’m not being totally flippant though!  I have successfully;

  • Prepared and decorated the nursery
  • Been on a hospital tour (this is our first NZ born baby)
  • Gathered essentials for my hospital bag which I will pack today
  • Washed all of Ethan’s old baby clothes – SO glad I saved these for 8 YEARS he had a beautiful bubba wardrobe!
  • Washed all of the new clothes today
  • Gathered a couple of things for a Big Brother gift for E when baby comes
  • Stockpiled nappies {and chocolate}

So, I think you could say we are ready {????} and waiting for baby!

36 weeks