The Difference Between Little Girls & Little Boys

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As I was putting away the remnants of last years pencil case {the contents of which came home sans pencil case} I came across these 2.5″  survivors of the four school terms.  It looks like it was a hard year for pencils, stories had to be written by both ends, nibs were flattened, they look like shell-shocked victims of a historic event, just looking for a quiet place to lay down after a cup of tea.

These are .35c pencils but I do admire that Ethan managed to keep HIS pencils for an entire year, his name barely legible at the end.  My boy is good at not losing stuff and I really appreciate that.

The point of this photo of pencils, is this;

Those little stubs made me shudder.  They made my mother (a teacher) shudder.  I could not believe E was penning his Literacy Award winning stories and spelling tests with mangy stubs barely long enough to grip.  A girl would not do that.  His economy and thriftiness is commendable considering he pretty much has the whole Smiggle back catalogue sitting on his desk at home.

No need for a new pencil though, my boy had not one but TWO perfectly good stubs.  That is the difference between boys and girls.  Now you know.