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The Lipstick Project. One Week Later.

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Who would have thought that seven days and some lipstick could bring about a total change in the way I feel about my age, my face, makeup and of course the combination of all three!  If you missed the first post, catch up here.Beauty Blogger New Zealand Karen Murrell Lipstick

I feel like I had to ‘grow into’ lipstick.  Previous attempts at wearing it simply left me feeling a bit like an imposter of myself, like I was all dressed up and pretending to be something I wasn’t.  Wearing lipstick made me feel self-conscious and awkward and therefore got put in the too-hard basket and moved firmly off the make-up menu, never to return again.  Until now.

Obviously I was super fortunate to have been gifted so many beautiful shades for this project, it made the decision of what colour to wear so much fun and a dynamic addition to my day that possessed the possibility to lift my mood or change how I was feeling about my outfit or how I looked.  Colour is a powerful thing, and adding colour to my face immediately took my eyes away from the wrinkles that I don’t like and the blemishes and niggly imperfections that I would normally focus on.  The effect was so transforming that I found with the addition of lipstick, I actually wore less makeup throughout the week, even heading out multiple times with simply lipstick and a swipe of mascara on!

I quickly found that some tones appealed to me more than others. Pinks seemed not to work with my colouring, whereas I naturally gravitated toward the orange and red tones.  One of my lovely Insta friends has suggested that a blue-based red would probably work well for me with my blue eyes.  Karen Murrell’s 20th shade, True Love, is a blue-based red so I am looking forward to trying this colour in the future and putting colour theory to the test!

Beauty Blogger New Zealand Karen Murrell LipstickI have definitely found my favourites; from L-R – Magenta Moon, Violet Mousse, Cordovan Natural, Coral Dawn, Pink Starlet {recently named as the top selling lipstick in New Zealand pharmacies!} and Rymba Rhythm.  I was really impressed with the staying power of the Karen Murrell line.  One of my newbie lipstick questions was how often would I have to reapply, and while the answer does depend on what you are eating and drinking, I found that really I wasn’t fussing over my lipstick all the live-long day.  Thank goodness!  I will be looking for a naturally colored lip liner to prevent bleeding and fill in my lips before applying as some of the more lightly pigmented shades definitely called for this.  Any tips or recommendations on this would be much appreciated!  These all natural, cruelty free lipsticks are truly beautiful.  I’m in love with the packaging, the quality formula and pigment, the taste is ridiculously delicious and they make me feel like a babe.  That’s the most important thing right?
I think the most surprising thing about The Lipstick Project was the response from you guys.  I never imagined that there were so many other lipstick virgins out there!  If you’re thinking of branching out, being brave and dabbling with some colour I would definitely recommend a trip to your local beauty counter and having a look at some testers or getting advice from one of the counter staff, even enlisting help from a girlfriend who has a few different shades in her collection should help you find a palette you’re comfortable with and feel good wearing.  At least knowing whether you’re looking for a pink, a red or a natural shade should make things a little less overwhelming when trying to choose a lip colour.

Karen Murrell’s top tips for lipstick application

  1. Exfoliate: buff away any dry skin.  This step doesn’t need to be complicated; a little cleanser onto your lips with a flannel in the shower works well.
  2. Apply lip liner if you like a more defined line.
  3. Apply lipstick with your finger – because all Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks use natural pigment using your fingers helps to lock colour into your lips.
  4. Avoid blotting with tissue as this can create tissue ball residue on the lips and remove vital oils that create shine on the lips.
  5. If you smudge your lipstick during application, run over the edge with a cotton bud or use a lip brush over the lipstick.
  6. To apply brighter lipstick shades to your lips, use your fingers to press in the colour. The heat of your fingers fixes the pigment onto your lips and creates a more natural finish.
  7. Your lips look fuller when you dab lipstick in the centre of your mouth and blend it out with your finger. Then press lips together to refresh colour.

To shop these beautiful Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks visit the online store or head to the stockists page to find a store near you.

And look, I know there are many, many more important things than an in depth discussion on whether one wears lippy or not, but self-love is totally important, as is trying new things and refusing to get stuck in a mummy-rut.  The past seven days have helped me branch out a little, try something new and to discover that a change is as good as a holiday – even if the change is only one, tiny detail like adding lipstick to your morning routine xx

*Product was provided for editorial consideration, all opinions are genuine and my own.