Things I’m Loving Friday

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Oh yes. This week has been all kinds of good. I survived the Boat Show, Ethan has been delightful {YES!!!}, there has been time and funds for shopping and some projects have been completed.


6 long weeks are over. Ethan is beyond excited, he has planned the food, snacks, and welcome for his dad, made signs and picked out beer. We are READY!

Orchid Bloom

Loving orchids that bloom and bloom!  I have one of last years plants that is shooting up at the moment,  can’t wait to see it’s cheery blooms again.

Katherine Wilson Dahlia

Loving my new most-beautiful-shoes-ever.  I’ll show you those another day.

Soft bait

This boy and his un-wavering fascination with fish keeps me fully loved up.  We are going on 6 years of obsession and there is no sign of waning interest.  His school holiday treat was a bonito soft bait, most commonly used for catching Marlin while game fishing.  Now he has pride of place in the fish bin!

Chilly bin

 Loving sweet Friday bloggy treats!  Anything that arrives via courier in a chilly bin has got to be good – it’s the rules.


Loving this pretty shot of Zurich at sunset I found in the photo stream, but also loving that Dave will soon have a new phone with which to take less crappy pics!

Taking off

SO much loving that this is the last airplane shot I am going to see for a while {I Hope}.  Last sleep without Dave and an early trip to the airport in the morning will see our little family back together again!

Have a fab weekend everyone x