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How nice would it be too have a sunny  l o n g  weekend?  No wind?  It would be delish.  But at least there was yesterday.  Mum and I set off to visit my Nana and check out the new retail area in Silverdale.  Turns out we were yakking too much and missed the exit.  Onwards to Puhoi!  And then why not just keep going to Matakana where there was sun and no wind.  We split a muffin and enjoyed a cider sitting by the river.


Of course refreshments come after a spot of shopping.  Loving my new Swarovski crystal ring on a rubber band!  Bold rings are def on my list of favourites this season.


 E is loving his trampoline these days, he spends so much time perfecting his tricks and “working on his lines” {he means his six-pack lol}.  Keep jumping son x 


Dave gave away his last skateboard deck to some little kids in Paris so he has been itching to put together his new set-up.  He took advantage of the sunshine yesterday to sand the graphics off his deck, make a stencil and spray paint his own art work on his new board.  I love the finished product.



Dave also sanded an old deck down for Ethan to decorate with his own stencil.  He picked an eel, we drew it out then he made his stencil on a heavy piece of card.  He did all the spraying himself and now he wants to hang it on his bedroom wall.  Ummmm…..

Ethan's Skateboard

Most kids might use an IPad for games.  Mine uses ours for researching animals.  Love him.  His brain is like a little sponge and he retains everything.  Ask him how many pounds of pressure a American Alligator can exert when biting you.  He could tell you.  No joke.


Enjoy the long weekend everyone!  I am going to try my hand at a custard slice today, get organised with a monthly blog planner and enjoy my people x

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