Today…today you say?

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What are we doing today? Going to have a playdate with a crazy lady who is having a baby T O M O R R O W.

That’s the crazy lady Chris, hubby Hamish and the young fella is Billy – Leon (4) was probably throwing water balloons or something boy-tastic when this photo was taken at Ethan’s party 3 weeks ago.

These guys are having their third bub and first girl tomorrow.  And crazy lady is having a playdate this afternoon with us, a set of twins and another friend and her son.

She says she needs something to take her mind of what lies ahead.  I would be frantic at this point; making lists, cooking, couriering my kids off to relatives etc.  She is as cool and calm as someone who is returning library books tomorrow.

We love you guys!  All the best for the big day and your awesome Christmas Prezzie xxxx