Tuesday – It’s what’s in my head

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  • It  must have been a day of figurative self-flagellation or something because I did two things I have been putting off for ages.  One, I cleaned all of the fly poo off the lounge / kitchen ceiling.  I am quite sure there is no worse job in the history of house cleaning.  It’s days like this when I am deeply envious of Dave and his uncanny ability not to see fly-poo spots or even imagine that they existed!
  • Secondly, I enrolled for my final year of my accounting degree.  Six more papers and then it is done.  I am quietly nervous about this as had I been a crazy-woman I may possibly have finished at the end of ’09.  I am scared I will not be able to do it this time around.  The exciting part for me is that after 3 years of extramural study I am doing one internal paper each semester.  ON CAMPUS.  Yay, just like in the old days when degrees were for kicks and I studied fun stuff like Ancient History…..and Sociology…oh the whimsy of a young undergrad.
  • As much as I LOVE the Christmas holidays I always look forward to today, when the mail begins again, the rubbish and recycling gets picked up on the scheduled day and everything slowly returns to their normal routines.  I like routines.  Piles of Christmas cardboard gives me anxiety because I DON’T KNOW WHEN THE PAPER MAN IS COMING (and I might possibly miss him) !!!!!
  • Five days.  Dave and I have not had any alcohol for five days.  I am  so proud of us.  We are trying hard to save money and my waistline.  Dave says we are going all the way….to February people.  One whole month of the year without a 5pm wine or cocktail.  I think we can do it.