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I had a much needed day off today and loved every minute of it. I lazed in bed and was treated to breakfast cooked by Ethan! He whipped up the best half-cooked crumpets sans butter I have ever had. My little boy truly amazed me today.

This afternoon we ran some errands while Dash was at the groomer and ended up spending an hour exploring the most amazing vintage shop ever.
I picked out {just} three things;
1. E and I were rummaging through a tray of trinkets and I found my late Dads high school pin! I couldn’t believe it, such a special find.

Rutherford High School Pin
2. Choosing a plate to bring home out of the hundreds in the store was tough but I spotted this wee gem as I was sitting on the floor taking everything in {there are piles of things at every level, it’s a store you cannot breeze through!}

Paisley Plate

3. The last pieces I bought are a gift so I will save those for a later post : )