Wardrobe Wednesday | 31 Weeks, It’s Poncho Time

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Poncho : Country Road

Skirt: Huffer

T-shirt: Verge

Sandals: Overland

We went out on Saturday AT NIGHT!  I was so excited as it was a little bit cooler so I could wear my slouchy cardy/poncho finally.  Believe it or not I purchased this in January, smack bang at the beginning of the never-ending-summer.  I LOVE winter clothes and jackets and layering and scarves…….I possibly love the idea of these things a tad bit more this year as I will have the aftermath of baby hippo to hide throughout the winter {shudder}.

See that skirt?  Mum bought that for me 10 years ago.  Good old Huffer.  I always keep quality clothes especially those that fit you through a range of sizes like this skirt does.

31 weeks;

– Baby hippo is a busy beaver, we woke up one morning and Dave told me that bubs had been building a house all morning!

– The nursery is set-up!!!!  I am waiting for the last two prints to arrive from the states {then I will frame everything}, the mobile to arrive and then I can decorate ::squee::

– My belly feels heavy.  Just SO heavy, like it’s filled with a bowling ball.  Iron pills are helping with my energy levels but lugging the hippo around in the afternoons is hard work.

– I am ridiculously excited.  We have washed all of E’s baby clothes and nearly all of his blankets, I can’t believe how much I saved for 8 years!  Definitely feel like we are on the home stretch now, fingers crossed the home stretch is not quite 9 weeks long x.