What to wear on the school run. For reals.

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There was actually a post on my blogroll on this very topic a couple of days ago and oh how I laughed!

Nixon is now just about 7 months old and the timing of his birth has meant that I have actually had to do very few school runs with E in the mornings.  His Dad can often take him, but the warmer weather has meant that he is now riding his bike to school almost every day – major win for me as Nixon enters meltdown mode bewteen 8-9am awaiting his first {sometimes only?!?} naptime.  Next week will be different though, as E is still in a cast & on crutches, and will need to be ferried to and from school.  Which I will be happy to do, but I won’t be modelling either of the outfits that appeared in this post on Styling You.

Perhaps I should be sporting some ensemble akin to the admittedly lovely collections offered as School Run inspiration, but lets face it, it’s not going to happen.  I can’t breast-feed in that dress for starters, those earrings would be ripped out of my ears in 5 seconds flat, I haven’t toted around a leather handbag in approx 6 months 3 weeks and those shoes are  b e i g e.

Let’s have a look at a more realistic School Run Outfit shall we?  I present, Exhibit A;

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.41.28 am

 Singlet top:  Probably years old, various stains and will be either too small or too large {err on the side of too large if at all possible, the crop top fad is not something us classy ladies should really be sporting}


Yesterdays T-Shirt:  Assuming you may have been too tired to undress the night before and simply fell into bed.

Pajama shorts:  Probably from Kmart, must NOT match singlet or T-shirts and must be faded from the wash.

Zip Hoody:  This pulls the outfit together as it gives the illusion that you may be actually dressed when viewed from a passing vehicle – keeping up appearances people!

Socks & Jandals:  Of course!  I really like these socks that are ninja-fied, all ready for slipping on your jandals so no wriggle required.

Cap:  To cover the hair that you washed and brushed three days ago

Sunnies:  Buy large enough to cover the bags under your eyes and you will be looking a million bucks!

Handbag Diaper bag:  You don’t actually need this for your short trip, but you’re so used to lugging the big bastard around that you grab it automatically.

Make-up:  None!  Although I do recommend some Garnier Eye Roll-on, it’s like coffee for your eye bags, completely optional of course and time permitting.

 So there you have it.  Worry no more about back-to-school wardrobe issues, just follow my simple guide and rest assured you will fit in with all of the other Mummy’s who just want to get home from school sans child as quickly as possible.