Weekly Wrap-up: Friday 3rd July 2009

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Such a good week, and such a bad week.  Quite the juxtaposition I know, imagine how I feel!  On one hand I want to run around the neighbourhood (ok the farm) and scream my good news to the cows and Hermione the pig and the 17 or so chickens that Louie hasn’t culled yet.  But on the other hand I hurt too much to leave my bed.  Yes, it is 9.30pm on a Friday night and I have already been in bed an hour.  It was the same story yesterday, except now I think the chest and sinus infections have invited the flu to come on in and really and kick me while I’m down. I know, I know, are you playing the worlds tiniest violin for me? kthanks.

Some really good things happened this week;

Dave solved the problem that is plaguing New Zealand housewives up and down the country – what to do about the shit-ness of the new Cadbury Chocolate recipe?  We have been complaining for weeks since the re-branded chocolate made it’s debut in stores.  We have 3 big issues with it;

  1. It’s now made in Australia.  WTF were you thinking Cadbury?  You can’t take a kiwi icon and entrust it in the hands of the ozzies.  It’s just not right. 
  2. The addition of palm oil to the recipe has totally grossified what used to be one of my favourite things in the world.  You can’t mess with perfection and Cadbury went and did it.  If it ain’t broke……
  3. King size blocks are no longer king size!  Outrageous!  Cadbury is now changing the same price for smaller, more grossified chocolate!

The message boards are rife with threads about this scandal and the testimonies of the Cadbury deserters, each poster advocating their new choccy fix as the cure-all to the quickly spreading epidemic of shit-chocolate.

My choice, Whittakers Creamy Milk.  I love it.  I have fully sampled a 250g block and am satisfied that there is no gross palm oil in it AND it is made in New Zealand so you can rest assured the the land of Rudd has not messed with the recipe at all.  Hooray!

Also this week I have discovered the ultimate reality show – The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I know this is not a new show, but it is yet to air in New Zealand.   I have downloaded series one and am hooked!  I have media player pinned as my top window and I am blogging and eating double cream brie and crackers in bed.  I”M SICK POEPLE! Anywho, I digress.   These bitches are crazy and crazy rich, I love it.  Hit me up if you need a copy on DVD, I’ll see what I can do ; ). 

PS if you read my last post you will be pleased to know that the yeti has been eradicated, I shaved my legs, making Friday a very productive day.

PPS  I GOT A JOB!!!!  Mama’s working for the first time in 4 years!!!!  More on that later, I’m waiting for more housewives episodes to download so might go to sleep.  TTFN.