Breast Cream

What’s missing from your daily beauty routine? Awareness.


TODAY 7 WOMEN will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

THIS YEAR 650 will most likely die.

YET 30% of eligible women don’t have regular mammograms.

AND 60% of young women don’t know the signs beyond a lump.

Those stats are scary.

I’m going to be brutally honest here; watching someone you love die from cancer is horrendous, torturous and unforgiving.  It will leave you hating cancer so much that some days you can’t breathe.  Living with cancer makes no sense, has no rules and turns your life into a never-ending roller-coaster of appointments, tests, waiting, treatment, tears, anger and fear.  Except is does end……..

Throughout October you can purchase a luscious product that can make a difference.

Skin Food has paired up with the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation and created Breast Cream – a simple, nourishing moisturiser that makes no promises other than to increase our awareness of what’s normal for our breasts.  The concept is simple and brilliant; encouraging women to get more familiar with their breasts, helping them to quickly identify any changes that could be signs of cancer.

Pick up your Breast Cream during October from supermarkets, The Warehouse and for $11.99 with $2 from each sale going directly to the good peeps at the NZBCF.  

You can’t afford not to really.



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  1. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year after my first ever mammogram. It picked up the cancer in my milk ducts, but not the 6 aggressive tumours in my breast that had spread to my lymph nodes (not all cancers present as lumps). I had no outward signs and felt really good. There's no history of breast cancer in our family. But I'm alive, and incredibly grateful for our government funded screening system. Its a no brainer for me – please take advantage of of your free mammogram. Thanks for the heads up re the breast cream – I'm off to buy some to give away to friends and family.

    1. You rock Steph! Thanks so much for sharing, it's SO important for women to hear stories like yours x

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