Wow, 8yrs ago!

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Nate must have been dredging his archives because he came up with his blog from 2001, and look at young me!  I was 22!  Wow.  On the eve of my thirtieth birthday it is nice to be reminded of how long I have known Nate and Julzy.  Back then things were obviously very different; I was dating Nathan, Julz was (and still is one of my bestys) and the two did NOT get along!  Now, almost 9 years later they have gorgeous Donovan and a happy marriage to thank me for lol!  Anywho, this trip to Destin was my first trip to the Gulf Coast and I was blown away by the beauty of the area.  Thanks for having me in your lives Arnolds, I miss you all xxxx.

November 2001

November 2001