“Tara from America”

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(this is how Ethan refers to her) has arrived on her Big New Zealand Vacation!  She planned her trip almost a year ago so it wasn’t like she just popped in or anything, yet when she asked us last week if we wanted her to bring anything over for us, all we could think of were these;


JAN 109

Yes, that’s right.  Despite being away from the ‘luxuries’ of his homeland for 2.5yrs now, all Dave really needs to make him happy is Sriracha Hot Chilli Sause and Li’l Debbie Snacks (in that order).  I have been successfully weaned from the retail excesses of Wal-Mart and Taj-aye, but still can’t stomach paying $19NZD for the best mascara there is – Maybelline Great Lash, Very Black, Waterproof.  We are simple people I guess.

Time to play along avid reader;

If you married a kiwi and headed down under, what three products would you miss most?