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Back to School | Yumbox Original Bento Lunchbox

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New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox

Welcome to the first post in a little series I’m going to refer to as All the Mummas Say Hell Yes! The Best Nest Goes Back to School 2016!  Whoop whoop!  Shopping, stationery, uniforms, shoes, pencil sharpeners, lunchboxes………

Bento style lunchboxes to be exact.

I’m admittedly a wee bit late to the game when it comes to creating amazing bento lunches for my kids, Ethan is 11 and has never had one!!  Poor child, I have still managed to feed him lunch for many years so he’s not too traumatised.  Nix on the other hand is fully Team Bento after a super cool delivery from The LunchBox Queen herself!

Lynley picked out a super cool, 6 compartment Yumbox Original Bento Lunchbox for Nixon and I to try in Pomme Green and we’ve been using it for his twice weekly kindy lunches and all of our summer excursions so far this year.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox

What do we think?

I freaking love it!  I’ve never been that amazing Mum that creates innovative and original lunches every day, not because we don’t love food or are not good cooks – both Dave and I love to cook – we just seem to have a problem translating that into fun, delicious lunchbox ideas.  Which is probably the same for many of you right?

Bento is a Japanese term that describes either the multi-compartment container that holds a meal or the contents itself.  Bento styled lunches have become hugely popular for kids in recent years and after preparing Nixie’s lunch this way for a few weeks I can see why!

  1. Filling the various compartments reminds you to include as many different food varieties as you can, in fact the Yumbox has a super-cute removable tray insert with food group illustrations to guide you in packing a healthy lunch.
  2. The compartments make packing a plastic-wrap free lunch super easy!  Plus, they don’t leak and many kids will appreciate that their foods are not ‘touching’ each other.
  3. Nixon loves seeing his food displayed in the tray, he’s always excited to see what the lunchbox gods have packed for the day lol.  It’s also encouraged him to be more adventurous in his food choices, the presentation makes all food look fun and delicious – if you’ve got a picky eater I would definitely recommend trying a Bento lunchbox.
  4. The inner tray pops out so washing is very easy – I’ve been handwashing mine but they are able to be washed in the dishwasher below 65C/149F.

The proof was in the pudding for me when one of Nixon’s kindy teachers made a point of telling me how amazing his lunchbox was.  She noticed that he was able to manage opening it and closing it easily (he’s only 2.5 so struggles with some lunchboxes), how excited he was about lunch and how he ‘grazed’ the different compartments, eventually completely cleaning it out!

This lady sees MANY lunchboxes so that’s a pretty great endorsement for yumbox I thought!

The Yumbox Original Bento Box $45.99 is available from The Lunchbox Queen.  Shop the range here.

New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox New Zealand's Top Mummy Blogger Blog School Bento Lunchbox