1 Tahi. 2 Rua. 3 Toru. 4 Wha. 5 Rima.

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See!  You learn things on my blog – now you can count to five in Maori. You can practice while reading about 5 things that I noticed this week

1.  Tahi

I noticed that there is a new current affairs-panel-comedy show Friday nights.  I watched it…..and oh how I laughed!

I watch the 6pm news every night and usually the 10.30pm edition just for good measure, so 7 Days, hosted by Jeremy Corbett is right up my alley (as any good kiwi would say).  Basically it is a re-hash of the news of the week in comedic form and it involves two teams playing games to win points.  For what?  Not sure, but I sure did like it.  Watch the first episode here

2.  Rua

I noticed that 1-day deals had some cute Gallaz Trainers on sale this week for $29.99……so I bought some.  I am super happy with them, love the retro colours and the black patent leather detail.

3.  Toru

I noticed that there are always the most awesome news headlines in New Zealand.  Actually I noticed this a while ago when the lead story on the 6pm news was “Man wielding large stick holds police at bay for 3 hours!”  Anywho, New Zealanders learned more about Tongan cuisine this week than they probably ever wanted to know when this news story grabbed the headlines;

Barbecued dog OK if it’s killed humanely

Yes, that’s right, just so we’re clear, it’s all about how you kill your dog before you eat it.  I hope we didn’t eat any Shi Tzu’s when we were in Tonga!


4.  Wha

On his way to kindy one morning, Ethan noticed one lonely wildflower growing on a steep bank near our house.  He pointed it out to his Daddy and said that his Mama would love that flower.  Dave agreed that I would indeed love that flower.  Four hours later we pulled into our road and Ethan screamed at me to stop the car.  He scrambled up this steep-ass hill and picked this flower, the likes of which I have never seen before and proudly presented it to me with muddy hands, knees and shoes.  “I saw this flower this morning and knew I was going to pick it for you, do you love it?”  He is the sweetest, grubbiest little darling and I did love the flower very much.  He held it for me as I drove home and quickly told me not to sniff it as it smelled like bums!  Bless

5.  Rima

I was needing a Coke Zero this week after swimming.  Not just a regular can or small bottle, but a big one.  With ice please.  We were right by Wendy’s so I stopped in……look what they had for me!  This may highlight my inexperience at fast food restaurants in New Zealand, but I had no idea that there were drinks this big here!  I haven’t had a big cup’o badness like this since I lived in Florida.  It was fantastic, and it lasted for about three hours before I began grinding my teeth and tipped the rest down the drain.