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Just. Be. Nice.

This week I was privy (loathe to use that word as it sounds like a privilege which was definitely NOT the case in this instance!) to some communication that was just so nasty and unnecessary that had it been intended for me, I would have instantly burst into tears.

Perhaps I’m a bit precious at the moment, but I’m pretty sure my gut reaction on this one was right on the money.  

Adults bully too.  We may have to hide the effect this has on us sometimes in the interest of being professional, being a grown-up or keeping cool for the kids sake, but it does happen and it sucks.  Adults should know better and what is behind the bullying often runs way deeper than the standard playground insecurities of our kids.  Acting with the intention of demeaning someone and making them feel inferior in front of their peers is about as base as it gets and says more about the vitriolic person choosing to act in this manner then it does about the intended target.

I simply cannot understand nor tolerate people whose default setting is bitch (and I use this term in a non-gender specific context).  What is the point?  The lesson that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar seems to have escaped so many.  I was given this pearl of wisdom from my husband very soon after we began dating and it changed my life as much as he did.  

Here’s some advice; slap the sucked-lemon look off your face, put a smile on your dial and have a nice fucking day ok?



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6 thoughts on “Just. Be. Nice.”

  1. Wow – I think you must have met someone I know! As someone who has been on the receiving end of adult bullying, you have hit the nail on the head x

  2. Some adults are horrible human beings. You on the other hand, are amazing. We recently had our 2yo bullied by an "adult" (i use that term loosely because even though they were 40+ they acted like they were 10) because of her glasses. No matter what the age, bullying is absolute fucking shit and the above, slapping looks of faces etc defo should take place!

    Haters gon' hate and your far better than them x

  3. I was in a meeting where the head of a massive organisation demeaned and bullied one of their directors in front of me, other staff and staff from another organisation. It was plain ugly. I felt sick and guilty that I said nothing. To be frank, I was too scared to open my mouth. I would have lost the project and I needed the project. Adult bullying is not ok.

  4. Love this post !!! People need to remember to treat people the way they want to be treated 🙂

  5. Wow, I think you will be a great OB. It seems like you have a real love for children, flemaiis, and people in general. Sad to say that those qualities are rare traits in todays world. I believe not just anyone should be in just any job because you could be in a job that you hate and end up making everyone who comes in contact with you at work miserable. You have the joy and care to be great at your job and effect those you will be working around not only by your knowledge , but by your love for what you do.

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