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Oh lord.  Last night we ventured into the city to see Flight of the Conchord’s perform their sold out show at Vector Arena.  I swear to god I almost wet my pants…..the entire show.  Arj Barker opened the show, he is brilliant of his own accord so it was such a treat to hear him as well as FOTC.  It was a long show, over two hours, with an encore and relentless musical genius, if you don’t appreciate their comedy you can’t help but give Brett and Jermaine credit for their impressive vocals.  Dudes can sing!

We had planned to stop into Brew on Quay first for some cocktails and dinner but it was completely reserved so we trucked on to The Northern Steamship had 6 pieces of shitty calamari {seriously the WORST calamari and the LEAST I have ever been served in a restaurant entree}, chunky fries and we split a philly, which was good if excessively gravy-ish.  Eating and cider-ing done we headed to the show!

Too many Dicks on the Dance Floor – one of many gems we sang along to last night!



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