Things I’m Loving | Christchurch, you are Amazing

Not many words this week, aside from that I LOVE Christchurch.  It’s people and it’s resilience in the face of unimaginable natural adversity and a bureacratic nightmare are astounding.

I simply cannot imagine a more wonderful city to host the first ever Around the Table Bloggers Conference.  Thank you so much, you know who you are x

Christchurch Cathedral



Christchurch Earthquake Damage

Christchurch Victims Memorial

Saving the Christchurch Facades

Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral

Christchurch Earthquake Damage

Christchurch Containers holding up Facade

Old Christchurch Council Building


C1 Cafe Christchurch

C1 Cafe Breakfast Burritto

Billet Gift

Ohhh, Treena Marie.  I was staying at her house, with her family and she leaves me a welcome gift.  Too much xx



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  1. Oh, what amazing photos! That one of the cathedral is so impressive. Loving your cute blog too xo

  2. Amaz-ing photos…wow. Love your different perspectives on all the same places we saw. It's so cool that we can live off the memories of last weekend for a while yet hey xx

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