What’s shaking kids?

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I’m pretty sure I have finally shrugged off the funk that has settled over me for the last month, thank god {collective sigh of relief heaved in this house}.  The daily grind, injected with some super busy commitments wore me down for a while there.  I felt locked up tight by The Routine and the anxiety that was imminent after any deviation.  Finding joy, happiness and even laughing had become too hard for a while there.

Strange how the remedy was something that I had been dreading, something I had humphed over as just-another-thing-I-had-to-do.

Dave had volunteered me to cook in the kitchen at the Rugby Club.  I was freaking dreading it.

The Pros: A little bit of pocket money, get out of the house, socialize {somewhat?  Would you like onion on your burger?}, a minor commitment that’s only once in a while, hang with other cool rugby club peeps who I actually really like.

The Cons: Leave the house, deep fryer duty, smelling like I’ve been deep fried, trying to figure out how we would deal with Nixon while I was gone {still BFing}.

Turns out, I had heaps of fun!  The kitchen crew are awesome, the time flew by, I got to chat with adults, I was home after 4.5 hours, Nix didn’t wither away, and though my pocket money is already gone – it was appreciated!

Those pesky old comfort zones aye.

I hate it when Dave’s right.