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Project 365: Week 3

White laundry

Monday - It was so, so bright on Monday that it almost hurt your eyes. I took this photo as I liked the little rows of peg soldiers amongst the whites


Tuesday - You should have seen this coming a mile off Louie. It was only a matter of time.


Wednesday - Remember when parents were clambering for robotic hamsters in the USA before Christmas? Yeah well it was probably because Auntie Tara went mental and bought them all for Ethan. We love her.

Cows in the yard

Thursday - Cow wrangling IS NOT FUN. It takes a long time, is very hot work and sooo frustrating. These big bastards went on a rampage around the yard, smashed through the pigs fence and charged for the orchard where the had a nice feast. I was home alone so had to wrangle them back into their paddock 1 at a time with Ethan's pretend fishing gaff as my cow-wrangling stick. I imagine it was comical to watch.

Zhu Zhu vs Shi Tzu

Friday - Lou is not quite so giddy about the new arrivals


Saturday - One of these days I'm going to take one too many photos and I'm going to get a knuckle sandwich. And Ethan will get eternal time-out.

Ethan & I and a Marsupial

Sunday - Ethan finally earned enough good behaviour points to get his Trip Reward, and he picked the Zoo. It was DESERTED, pretty much. Awesome day.