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Acquisitions | SwimFin Swimming Aid + Giveaway

Learning to swim and learning at an early age is non-negotiable in our house.  Ethan is now 10 1/2 and has been in lessons since he was 3 months old – kid is a fish!  Nix began a little later but is now doing really well in the pool (and I’ll be doing really well as soon as he graduates to the independent swimming classes!).

Needless to say we have tried and tested pretty much every swim aid under the sun and there has been one common denominator with both of our boys – they HATE flotation devices on their arms.  They hate putting them on, they hate keeping them on and they really, really don’t enjoy their time in the pool when they’re wearing them.  Back floaties work so much better for us and the SwimFin is just the best out there.

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SwimFin is a unique, self-adjusting swimming aid for all ages and abilities and it’s pretty darn cute to boot.  Before he got sick, we took Nix to our local pool while Ethan was at Swim Squad and had so much fun as he took to the water with his amazing ‘shark fin’.  Dave was on swimming duty while I fielded questions from pretty much all the parents in attendance about Nixie’s cool new swimming aid!

Take a look at how stable and steady Nix is as he ‘swims’ from Dad to the side of the pool!

Things I love about the SwimFin;

  • It’s so easy to get on!  There’s no mucking around sizing straps, the velcro is quick and allows this product to grow with your littles.
  • Like the description, the SwimFin totally self adjusts, Nix was kept upright and in a position where he could relax without freaking out that his head was going to go under.  I have never seen him so confident in the pool.
  • The colours are super fun and bright and the construction is amazing.  I felt really confident about Nixon swimming with this on as his aid.
  • It’s non-inflatable, I actually can’t think about how scary it would be if a blow up floatie popped!  SwimFin is made from soft but sturdy moulded EVA foam
  • Nixon is just 23 months old and entirely capable of getting himself to the edge of the pool while he’s wearing his SwimFin.  You can see from the video above that his natural response is to paddle hard with his little arms, much more effective without bulky floaties on each side!


SwimFin is available here in New Zealand in a super cool range of colours.  Purchase online at RRP$46.95.  

We love this product and are so excited to be able to give away a SwimFin pack to one lucky reader!  To be in to win, head over to our Facebook page and follow the instructions on the SwimFin image.  Competition closes 25/6/15.



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