Ethan loves to ‘study’!

The boy is really into spelling at the moment and loves figuring out which letter words start with, this is one of his favourite activities – he typed these words all by himself and only needed help spelling Louie!

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Saturday Fishing – Outdoors with Ethan & Dave

As the boys headed off to Waiake today so I could study, Ethan described their destination as ‘the Holy Grail of big game fishing’, I think Dave was a bit worried that his 5 pound tackle would stand up to the test!  Unfortunately they didn’t have much luck, the Marlin weren’t biting or meatballing, but a local fisho gave the boy a Kawhai he had caught and bled to take home.  Ethan carried it all the way home, up the hill and showed it off just as proudly as if he had caught it himself.

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Ethan’s Swimming Lessons

After only 3 lessons at his new swim school, Ethan is ‘swimming’ on his own with a backfloat and arm bands!  The improvement in his confidence is amazing, there are only 3 kids in his class and the other 2 have never both been in attendance on the same day so he gets a tonne of personalised attention from his teacher Marion.  The best part is that he absolutely LOVES it!  I am so proud of him. 



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