They can even make Ethan look like a dork!

The boys took Bush to the Sky Tower in Auckland, and all they got was this lousy photo – actually three photos, in all different spots around the city…..hmmmmm, that;s tricky.



One thought on “They can even make Ethan look like a dork!”

  1. First of all, you are a super dork for making Dave Jack take those pictures of you making sushi. Impressive, yes, but you didn't cook that cool shit when I was there! Fortunately, you will have second chance. By then, I want to master the mince and cheese pie cooking. I can't live without mince and cheese. Second, I'm stoked that you love your computer, even though you need your glasses to see the damn thing…it fits in your purse. You might need a new purse now, you know, to carry the new cute computer. Thrid, dammit, I forgot. Love you…oh, did you just try to call?

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