You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

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Hello Hello 2010!  I think I love you already.  The weather on your first 2 days!  Hello?  Keep it up.

We saw in the New Year Rhodes Family style as we did last year, but with children who were fast asleep as the fireworks blasted in the New Year – Success!

Let’s say good bye to 2009 shall we?

January - The Summer of Fish - Dave's hunting & gathering really came into it's own this summer during The Jacks Go Camping '09

February - The Year of Prizes - My first prize extravaganza led us to the VIP section (which was just us really) at Summer Series and tonnes of free food, wine and cellphones! Hooray 95 bfm

March - We celebrate Greer & KC's wedding in style in Matakana

April - Summer winds down, I turn 30 and we prepare to leave the suburbs

May - New house rules, winter sucks and Ethan loves his 1st soccer team, The Wizards

June - It keeps getting colder, Bush visits and Ethan starts new kindy

July - I get a job (yay-ish), we otherwise hibernate, cook, make sushi and E scores a bajillion goals

August - Daddy's birthday, Jim moves to the farm and Hadyn leaves for his first contract on the big ship

September - Spring appears for a moment and Ethan learns to ditch his training wheels

October - Dave loses a tooth, Ethan catches his BIGGEST fish ever

November - E turns 5, starts school, mummy cries

SUN SUN SUN and Santa arrives on a ride-on-lawnmower, Blissful New Zealand Christmas with family