Second-hand dog discovers we have a baby!

Dog kisses baby

Louie, our big Shi-Tzu, noticed we had a baby a few months ago and seems to have taken on the role of Baby’s Guard Dog without much hesitation.  Dash is a bit of a ‘special’ dog and likes to take his time with things.  He has refused to acknowledge Nixon until today, when I happened to notice that he was on guard duty instead of Lou.

I can’t believe I happened to snap these shots.  If you’re not a dog person, you’re probably horrified and grossed out right now, perhaps getting all judgy about how I let my dogs lick my baby ……. whatev.

For those of you whose dogs are part of their family, doesn’t this little scene just melt your heart?  Nix was giggling away, loving that Dash was close enough to pull hair….finally!

We Have Four Dogs | Meet Molly the Border Collie



Molly is our Big Girl.  The one female in the unruly pack of four.  She lived her puppy days on Mum and Dad’s 5 acre block chasing motorbikes and woofing at generators – actually she woofs at any pump, power tool, lawnmower, weed-eater, can of fly spray ……..

She is big and sweet and hairy and puts up with a lot from the three small boy-dogs, but by the same token is completely convinced she is a small dog too.  She tries to hop in our laps, beds and on the couches and is generous with her licks.  She has been best friends with Ethan and Louie for the last 5 years and I’m not sure what either boy or dog would do without her.