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It’s amazing how much one can actually manage to cram into a day but still not find the time to take a shower!  Not that anyone notices.  Dave is away for the second week this month so we are floundering around, manless up in here without our handsome leader.

Actually we’re pretty sweet lol.  

Day two of my ‘working week’ was pretty much like Day 1 and like Day 1-5 of the week before; the off-to-school/breakfast routine, morning chores and FB phafffing, an impromptu decision to leave the house before Nix and I lose the plot completely, a couple of hours meandering around a park or playground – preferably involving checking out diggers at close range cause you know how much I love hanging out around a bunch of construction workers right, RIGHT?  Then we haul ass home so my babe doesn’t fall asleep in the truck {so help me god he must nap in his cot otherwise he will only sleep for around 30 minutes, and ain’t nobody got time for a 30 minute nap!}. 

This is where things unravel.  When Nix napped earlier in the day I sat down and I blogged, almost every single day.  Now he doesn’t go down until 1-1.30pm, at that time I find my brain full of all the things I didn’t finish in the morning, or things I need to begin before the after school madness of Ethan’s life commences.  Damn kids and their needs……..

So, here I sit at 10.30pm, trying to blog and not really succeeding.

  • No running at all this week, it’s too hard to fit it in with Dave away, the only thing that is making me feel slightly better is that I still got my 10,000 steps today and also no alcohol – even with Dave away and mummy-stress!
  • My new, very large tattoo is itching like hell, I think I’m done now.  I love what I have but no more.
  • I went to an amazing cooking class on Sunday and learnt how to make dumplings!
  • My 10 year old lost a tooth today!  So weird, it’s been a long time between tooth fairy visits in our house but I think she can probably squeeze in another one.
  • Nix outdid himself tonight with the mother of all tantrums.  He wanted to mow the lawn in the front yard, which Mum had already finished mowing.  There was still the entire back half of our section to go, but you know, toddler logic always wins.  Ethan heard his brother screaming from an entire block away.  For over 10 minutes!  I’m sorry neighbours, but at least we’re even-stevens for that goddamn bass speaker right?
  • Other hideous neighbors continue to burn household rubbish in their fireplace wtf?  I pretty much have the Auckland City Council hotline on speed dial.  I need to move to the middle of nowhere, when I’m unable to see, hear or smell my nearest neighbors – any suggestions?

Anyway, it’s now Wednesday {getting a blog post finished in one sitting is obviously out of the question!} and I have had a shower so all is right with the world again.  Have a lovely day friends x




This is what I think about that | February

Oohhh January you were a little ripper weren’t you?  Hot and dry as a bone, credit-card cringeworthy, the audible crash and burn of resolutions could be heard everywhere, and for me, it was the month of running.  I clocked in 23 runs in January, which is approximately 100% more runs than in any other month in my life! I’m winning at something so far in 2015, even if it hurts like a bastard.  I literally wake up every morning moving like a nana.  My feet hurt so much for the first hour of every day I swear I’m working retail while I’m sleeping, putting in some long hours standing on concrete floors……..oh wait, that’s what I do every day at home : /


  • I think that school beginning today is just SO perfectly timed.  We have had a long, lovely holiday.  I’ve waxed on about how fab my kids have been and bitched about their bad days, but quite frankly, it’s time to get this show on the road and get E back to school.  He’s bored {despite my best efforts} and I’m bored of his boredom.
  • I think I’m the only person in the world {or at least Auckland} who cared less about the NRL 9’s.  League is just not my thing.
  • I think this ‘rain’ needs to man up and  get a bit of tank-filling muscle behind these wimpy little sprinkles.  The boys don’t care though, Nix discovered the ‘rain’ last night and he and E had half an hour of gorgeous fun running around outside before bed, dripping wet and yelling ‘SPLASH!”

 PLaying in the rain NZ

  • I think those ISIS bastards need to be wiped from the face of the earth, thank you America for standing up to them, thank you John Key {I can’t believe I’m even saying that!} for committing troops to the effort and thank you to our armed forces for your service.
  • I think my Fitbit needs to deliver on it’s 5 days between charging promise, I’m currently getting 24 hours wtf?!
  • I think E has been bitten by a white tail and has what is promising to be a festering pus-hole on his ankle.  Nice.  Off to the doctor this arvo.
  • I think Instagram is my fave social platform, I love little vignette photo prompts like the #5flatlays challenge hosted by @beaumondemama this month, my first entry got featured as a favourite yesterday!

Vignette Flatlay blog Mum NZ 

  • I think Mamas who speak their minds and aren’t afraid of going against the grain are people I WANT in my life.  Jen from Mama Lion Strong is one of these fab bloggers who are writing stuff that actually matters.  Unlike myself << drivel lol

Have an amazing Monday and first day child free gorgeous Mama’s!



5 Tips for Easing into Potty Training with your Toddler

After Nixon was diagnosed with Hirschsprung’s Disease we were told to expect that toilet training would probably be late, be very hard work and would likely take a lot longer than other children his age.
We were prepared for the worst basically.
What we have noticed however, is that post-op he does have sensation when he is toileting and he is letting us know when he has any action going on down there! Just more testament to the amazing skill of the surgical team at Starship I suppose, but our babes recovery has been nothing short of a miracle to us!
So, naturally, with all systems go in the plumbing department we have begun thinking about toilet training and all the trials and tribulations that go along with it.  We’re not going to rush things; potty training before a child is ready is totally detrimental to the whole process in my opinion, but Dave and I have discussed getting the ball rolling at the end of summer to capitalise on his cognition and the warm weather!
Trying to remember the process we used when potty training Ethan has been doing my head in, it’s a bit like dumpster diving into the depths of the mummy-brain archives. Much like the pain of child birth; I think the tricky times like bed wetting and endless laundry get buried amid happy milestones and cute Instagram photos lol.
I have remembered a few tricks that worked well with E so I’m going to document them here for my reference as much as anyone else’s!

  1. When we decided it was time to begin daytime potty training I ensured that we could have at least 3 days of uninterrupted home time so the potty was always easily accessible and accidents resulted in minimal fuss.
  2. We had previously planted the seed the month prior with lots of positive talk about using the bathroom and losing the nappies.
  3. Be prepared for no pants, hence we will be beginning potty training in summer.  Pulling pants, underwear, shorts, whatever, up and down is only going to complicate an already complicated skill your child is going to learn.  If they are bare bottomed the are much more likely to succeed in making it to the potty on time.
  4. Celebrate the victories and gloss over the accidents completely.
  5. Take the next step of night training very slowly.  When toddlers begin waking with a dry or slightly wet nappy and they have mastered day time training, you’re probably good to go!    We made sure we eased into this phase with supplies at the ready; mattress protectors or Brolly Sheets – make sure you have at least two so middle of the night accidents can be quickly cleaned up, and training pants such as Huggies DryNites to help ease the transition out of nappies and into underwear with minimal bedwetting.  These were invaluable for Ethan; they represented a graduation from nappies – a Big Boy pair of pants that acknowledged his successes.  To help establish the new dry-night routine, Dave and I always lifted Ethan to the toilet before we went to bed.  We did this for months which helped build his confidence and ensure we all got a good nights sleep.

So,  we’re going to think on that for the next 8 weeks or so and see how Nixon’s progressing come Summer’s end.  It’s good to feel like I have a little bit of a plan in place as we head into this next era of no diapers!

This post was sponsored by Huggies DryNites.




Rescue your summer feet with my fave product + giveaway {CLOSED}

Congratulations to Karen Young!  Thank you all for entering xx

My poor feet are total victims of jandal abuse right now.  New Zealand summer has arrived in spectacular fashion, leaving my feet dry, a little bit rough, a little bit tough from cruising barefoot too much {only ever around the house mind you ::::shudders at the thought of barefeet in public:::::}.  They totally need some TLC but a pedicure is out of the question due to the New Years austerity measures imposed by my husband.  Gosh.

No big deal as the absolute 100% BEST product for your feet isn’t even used at any nail salon I’ve been too, plus it’s available at pretty much every chemist and supermarket around New Zealand.

Scholl’s Eulactol Heel Balm Gold and the original Heel Balm have been used by my grandmother, my Mum and myself for years.  And years.  I genuinely love love LOVE these products, they work absolute miracles on feet {and dry patches on my elbows too!}.  I’m being completely honest here, everyone needs a tube of this stuff in their bathroom cabinet.  It’s like the most hard-core wrinkle eraser for your feet that actually works and only takes a couple of days.  If their was an equivalent for your face, no-one would ever book Botox ever again, I promise!

Beautiful feet are easy to achieve and attainable by everyone.  They are non-discriminatory; no-one expects beautiful feet to be a certain size or certain colour.  A little bit of attention goes a long way and ensures your toes will be in tip-top condition to show off all of your super cute summer flip flops and sandals.  Or just plain old jandals.  Either way.

Because Scholl are the experts when it comes to foot care, they have put together a comprehensive guide to help you solve a myriad of foot problems.  They also want to take care of your feet!  In fact we have a bumper pack of Scholl Foot Care products to give away to one lucky reader!  Just comment below and let me know what colour you’re sporting on your toes this summer.  Winner will be drawn on January 13th.

Scholl Footcare Products Mummy Blog New Zealand 




Summer in Auckland | The Zoo Trip

Today, on what was surely the hottest day EVER in New Zealand {am I right?} I asked Ethan what he would like to do.

He wanted to go to the Zoo.

My too-hard-basket self and my home-body self wanted to shut this plan down before it gained any traction, but I don’t want to be that Mum.  I want this summer to be the summer of saying yes, of many adventures and sliding into March tanned, tired and with no regrets of gorgeous days wasted.  This was our spendy outing this week.  Dave headed back to work today so it was a relatively cheap exercise compared to paying for two adults but I will be filling the rest of the week up with free or inexpensive activities.

So.  Yes it was very, very VERY hot.  Yes.  Half of Auckland decided to head to the Zoo today.  But, it was the best day I can remember spending with my boys in a long time.

Ethan was in the perfect mood for it, he was engaged and interested, and amped quite frankly.  I let him take charge.  We decided not to look at the map, to just go where we wanted and it worked out beautifully.  It just happened to be one of those well timed arrivals {due to NO parking} when we only had to queue for 10 minutes before we all got to feed the giraffe – even Nixie!  He was so stoked!  Then after walking around the corner, the elephant was dancing up a storm and putting on a show, so Nix was entertained and able to focus for quite a while on each animal.  What am I saying, the kid lapped it up.  He is so, so different to his brother but so alike in their complete and utter adoration of animals.  “Ostrich!”  “Elfunt!” “Tortle!” “Youraft!” “Iger!” “Ion!”.  

It was an amazing day.  I even packed a cooly bag!  With lunch, SALAD for me even!  – though I had packed coleslaw and forgot a fork fml.  I’m telling you I was really on top of my game today.

And that felt good.

PS Nixon’s stink face is totally not representative of his mood, he was just as awesome as his brother today, also check out my freaky hairy arm wtf?!

Auckland Zoo Summer New Zealand



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Easing into the Christmas Spirit

Spirit I said!  Not spirits you derelicts.  Gosh.  One post about bourbon and ya’ll think the worst don’t you?

As happens every year in our house, there is a big build up for Ethan’s birthday at the end of November, we all recover and then it’s like blank stares all round as we try and switch over to Christmas mode.  Or maybe that’s just me.

So we are starting slowly.  We managed to get the tree and advent calendar I sewed last year up on the 1st, I whipped up a wee washi tape tree by the front  door and we have been to see Santa – that was a roaring success by the way, resulting in my fave pic ever of my two boys, it’s sensational right?

Ethan likes to give out a wee gift and Christmas card to each of his classmates, which sounds like a major {expensive} ordeal but it doesn’t have to be.  I popped in to our local $2 shop and purchased a couple of multipacks of Christmas erasers for $3.50 each, I had previously picked up a box of cards for $3 from KMart and I’m repurposing some washi that I really don’t like.  So, $10 for Ethan’s entire class is totally doable.

To spread the load, he has been penning 3 Christmas cards each night.  We have left this project until the last minute in years prior and it is sooooo painful encouraging him to knock out cards for his entire class in one sitting.  Organization is key.  Everything we need for the project is in a box on the bench where he can sit after breakfast or during afternoon tea and write whatever messages he wants.  Usually it’s a stock standard line, occasionally interspersed with “you so swaggy” or “swagmaster beefob”  whatever the hell that means lol.  

So, to date;

 – no Christmas carols

 – no Christmas parades, Nix would not cope with this (picture trying to keep an octopus in a stroller, got that visual?)

 – no Christmas baking.

Gimme some time, I’ll get there!

Christmas Cards

Washi Christmas Tree New Zealand 

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Looking for a unique kiwi Christmas gift that will keep the whole family entertained? 

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Gumption New Zealand Business Game

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Slinnies Sungel


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Christmas Giveaway New Zealand Mum Blog

One more sleep!

Tomorrow at 9am our very first 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway in conjunction with The Bubbalino Kitchen is kicking off!  We have some amazing prizes – we promise there is something for everyone, Mama’s, little people and foodies will all be very happy with what our amazing sponsors have gifted to our readers.

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Good luck everyone, and Merry Christmas!

Love, Melissa x

Hello Nixon | Some nights, Mummy drinks bourbon

I pretty sure I’m going to rebrand the blog, possibly considering “The Screaming Toddler & The Barking Dogs”.

What do we think?

Tuesday sucked.  And then there was today.

I spent ALL day yesterday in the kitchen without cooking a damn thing.  Just trying to clean the bastard……..whilst saying “Nixon get down. Nixon get down, NIXON GET DOWN” on repeat.  Kid can climb on the bench where he likes to sit and eat avocados like apples, only he spits out little pieces of skin as he runs around the house as I try and catch him.  No really, it’s so cute.  Right.

We had a catch up today with some friends I’ve known since high school, so you know, I was expecting it to be a relaxed affair.  It totally was {in terms of the lovely adult company} but I think I left with one last, raw nerve jangling and zinging as if I was tightrope walking on a live power line.  Nix just ran me ragged, nothing out of the ordinary, just a constant state of up-end someones water in the house, bee-line down to the driveway, try and rappel down the retaining wall, climb UP the slide while others are trying to go down, back to the driveway, throw a fit because your hot-wheels won’t drive in the grass, throw a fit because you’ve eaten all of your lunch and Mum’s pantry is at home, throw a fit because that’s the WRONG side, you wanted to feed on the other side, try your hand at the retaining wall again…….

I couldn’t wait to leave.  Isn’t that terrible.  I loved seeing my friends but the baby wrangling is HARD right now.  

Mum helped me re-arrange the living room this afternoon so his bench climbing days are now over.  We never baby-proofed for Ethan, yet every small thing I remove, lock or lock-down for Nixon makes my chest relax just a little bit more.

I think I need more mummy training.  I have a ‘spirited’ little baby who’s default attire should include a safety helmet.  Also, if he’s going to insist on mowing back avocados sans utensils {or adult supervision} he’s going to have to just learn to like the skin, am I right?