Curating a Toddler Capsule Wardrobe

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I hope no-one ever feels sorry for me for not having any little girls to primp and style.  I know I’d love a daughter, but I have enough trouble picking out my own outfits each day (hence my ever-present ‘active wear’!) and dressing my two big/little guys really is so much fun!  Doubly so when you can go shopping without them every now and then.

The glorious weather we enjoyed last week was all the motivation I needed to head in-store to The Warehouse and get Nixon’s summer wardrobe rolling.  As I was shopping alone (did I mention how awesome this elusive opportunity was?!), I was hoping to create a Toddler Capsule Wardrobe.  

There are so many stylin’ tops and bottoms in the boys Summer Range this year that it was quite hard having to narrow down everything I grabbed off the racks and condense my ideas into just four outfits.  But, I did it and I love each of these looks!  The secret to creating the ultimate Mix ‘n Match toddler wardrobe is shopping for neutral shorts that can be worn with all of the tops.

Look #1 Hitting the Beach to Throw Sand at Your big Brother (who can’t retaliate!)

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Singlet Animal $12 (Check in-store), 2.   WZ Denim Shorts $12, 3.  Basics Canvas Play Shoes $5 

I loved this singlet when I picked it up, mesh detail on the yoke and a super cool retro-sports-vibe which our family is ALL about!  The sweet little denim shorts look long in the stock photo but are actually a very cute shorter length.  Love!

Look #2 Visiting Poppa and Dazzling him with my Fancy Shirt (so he doesn’t notice me terrorising his cat)

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Printed Plane Shirt $18, 2.  WZ Joshua Shorts $20, 3.  Basics Canvas Play Shoes $5

This little button-up is the BEST.  The all over print is so on-trend and is perfect for all of those summer BBQ’s and maybe even Santa photos!  The Joshua shorts are so good I got them in two colours, they are a heavy, stretch fabric that won’t crease and will be super comfy for all of that toddler-squirmy-goodness!

Look #3 Cruising Christmas Parades and avoiding Santa at ALL costs!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Split Front Tee $12, 2.  WZ Vinny Shorts $25, 3.  Hippo + Friends Check Shoes $15

I love Nix in black, and this graphic tee with mesh detail is the best, paired with those little slip-ons!!!  I die.  The Vinny denims are a great, hard-wearing option for a full-on kid like Nixie.

Look #4 Ready to Hustle Hand Stamps from Whomever is Holding (preferably a pretty lady)

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Fashion Blog1.  WZ Yoke Stripe Tee $12, 2.  WZ Joshua Shorts $20, 3.  Hippo + Friends Check Shoes $15

The mix of fun neon with classic navy tripes is a total winner.  This shirt is bright so works perfectly with toned down, neutral shorts like the Joshua in khaki.

So cute right?  Every season when I head in to The Warehouse for some dedicated clothes shopping, I leave completely sorted and so happy that I was able to cross so much off my shopping list in just one store!  I will be going back to spend some time in the women’s section as I spied this and this (both of which I NEED to complete my Mum uniform lol).

I would love to hear where you are shopping for your summer staples and seasonal trends as the weather warms up!  Leave me a comment below with your shopping hotspots xx

Kids Style + Giveaway: Babiators > The BEST Kids Sunglasses in NZ

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I’m one of those people that wear sunglasses 365 days a year.  I NEVER drive without them, I never hang the washing out without wearing a pair, I run in them…….I simply love sunglasses.

And I want my kids to love sunglasses too.  The benefits of sun protection for little eyes (or eyes in general!) is without dispute, however; here’s some facts in case you need any further convincing;

  • UV exposure to the sun is maximised early morning and in late afternoon due to the angle of the sun, conveniently skipping many young children’s high-noon nap time!  Our bubs need to be wearing sunglasses when they’re playing outdoors – year round!
  • UV light can cause premature ageing but can also cause eye conditions such as cataracts and cancers on the surface of the eye.

I have purchased sunglasses for Nixon, we have been gifted some very expensive pairs of sunglasses, which we love by the way – thank you Rayban!-  But, Babiators are better.  Here’s why;

Nix loves wearing sunglasses, but he hates them falling and slipping off his face.  Which most of them invariably do.  This, in my layman/mothers opinion (lol) is due to their rigid frames, which are quite simply mini-adult sunglasses.  When you watch a toddler play, you notice that they are up, down, rolling around, jumping, running, stopping and starting…………kids require something a little bit more from their sunglasses than adults do, and that is an increased ability to actually stay on their face!  

Frogs and Toadstools sent Nix the coolest wee pair of Babiators sunglasses to kick off the summer season and both he and I absolutely love them.  The frames are made from flexible rubber that are virtually indestructible.  They grip and stick onto Nixon’s face without sliding off and are so light and comfy he seems to forget he’s wearing them – which stops him fiddling and taking them off every second minute!

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor

The lenses are also impact- and shatter-resistant and offer 100% UVA and UVB  protection from the sun. Babiators is the only children’s sunglasses brand to offer a Lost & Found Guarantee: if a child’s Babiators are lost or broken within one year of purchase, Babiators replaces them…Guaranteed!  That’s ridiculous.  But ridiculously awesome right?  These dapper shades are available in a range of awesome colours and two different sizes;

  • Junior Babiators sunglasses fit most babies and toddlers ages 6 months – 3 years.
  • Classic Babiators sunglasses fit most children ages 3 – 7+ years.

Nixon, though only 2 years 3 months, is massive so he’s wearing the Classic size – unfortunately the green he is wearing has been so popular they have sold out!  Isn’t he I mean, aren’t they so cute?! 

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You can shop the range from Frogs and Toadstools here, PLUS there is free shipping in NZ from 17 October – 1st November!  Prices start at $39.95 for the Junior and Classics, $64.99 for the polarised options and $59.95 for the Aces range (age 7-14 years)

If you would like to win a pair of Junior or Classic Babiators for your stylish little person just head over to The Best Nest on Facebook and follow the instructions on the competition image.  Comment below for a second entry!  Competition closes Sunday 1st November 10pm.

Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween DecorTop Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor Top Mummy Blog new Zealand Top Halloween Decor                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



The Marmite Fingers Metaphor

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I love Marmite and so do both of my little kiwi-mericans.  The great Marmageddon of 2012 hit particularly hard in our house and I haven’t really looked back since toast turned black again and we could eat Marmite EVERY DAMN DAY.

But I realised something yesterday as I was making my breakfast toast.  I’ve been holding out on Nixon.  He sprinted into the kitchen as soon as he heard the fridge open, as he does about 71 times per day {food, hangry, massive 99th percentile boy-child} and he asked for toast.  His second breakfast to be sure, but that’s not uncommon.

He wanted Marmite toast like me.  My gut instinct said NO!  Marmite toast in the hands of a toddler is like live ammunition in the hands of a toddler.  Never a good idea.  As I thought about it a little more I realised that this whole Marmite should-I-shouldn’t-I conversation I was having in my head was a bit of a metaphor for how I’ve been parenting lately.

And how I’ve been parenting lately is mainly based on one key technique;


Not heard of that one?  No-one’s written a book about avoidance parenting yet?  That’s because it’s what the lazy mama’s do, the sucky parents that don’t bust out the finger paints every day (or realistically once a week as there would be other amaze craft activities planned on the remaining 6 days of course!).  I’ve been avoiding giving Nix Marmite on his toast because Nixon is a Category 5 Hurricane on legs who lives in my house and is destroying it window sill by window sill.  Add Marmite to the mix and all hope is surely lost.

It’s true I’m feeling a little over-wrought by the chaos that is our family life at the moment.  I think in an effort to simplify at least some parts of my day I am totally avoiding the little Marmite-Moments, the sweet, messy pleasures that make us stop, relax and enjoy these fleeting childhood moments.  I’m stressed, tired and overwhelmed to the point of anxiety right now but I’m also frantically in love with my life and my little people.  The dogs, meh, but the boys, Dave, my Mum and our friends are lovely and I’m so lucky to have them helping me along.

We need to make some changes.  The finish of rugby season and my role as team manager will bring an end to some obligations and free up 3 days a week plus we are heading away on holiday soon which couldn’t be more perfectly timed quite frankly.

Does anyone else feel like their head is going to explode daily or is it just me?  Maybe the cure is more Marmite lol.

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The Tiny Dictator; Our 2yo is running our household.

It pains me to write that as, if I’m being honest, I’m a total control freak, and I have lost control in my own house. 

We’ve all fallen victim to a smiling assassin.  16kg of pure cute that does what he likes, bites whomever he chooses, throws tables and stools willy-nilly, draws on walls and furniture when the mood takes him, rides dogs when he feels the urge, demands cookies before breakfast and snaps his fingers for an Ipad and can justify his outlandish behaviour by batting his eyelashes at you and explaining his actions with the eloquence of a preschooler twice his age.

We are in so much trouble.

It sounds naive, but this rather unacceptable state of affairs has crept up on us as over time.  Certain behaviours have become the norm over a period of a few months, mostly since Nixie’s last hospital stay, until things have reached their zenith over the past 7 days and I’m at my wits end trying to contain the ‘baby’ when he goes into hulk-mode.

There are many factors that have combined in a perfect storm of parenting fails;

  • The 8.5 year age gap that left us all gooey over a new baby after so long
  • The Big Brother factor – Ethan is also all gooey over little bro and these two boys love nothing more then going mental and hyping each other up with daily wrestling matches and games of indoor rugby……..{the Crown Lynn and the dogs live in FEAR!}
  • Nix is the baby that arrived after my Dad died > insert all the sad feelings
  • Nix is the baby that arrived after a miscarriage > see above
  • Nix is the baby born with a congenital disease {read about his Hirschsprung’s Disease here} and as such has had mega-parenting-sympathy on his side after multiple hospital stays and major surgery
  • Nix is the baby with the longest eyelashes in the world, the biggest personality and the most beautiful blue eyes and bung ear you’ve ever seen plus he’s ridiculously smart and funny.


He has us wrapped around his chubby fingers and he knows it.  He has his fake cry on point, when I ask him if he’s watching people unwrap toys on YouTube he says “No Mummy” and quickly switches back to Tayo or diggers, he has said the word yes one time in his whole life – I’m pretty sure he’s actually allergic to any form of  willing compliance at this stage.  A lot of this can definitely be attributed to his recent stay in Starship.  Traumatic things happened to him in order to get him well again and receive the medicines he needed, but it fuelled his instinct to resist and to fight.  He still hasn’t stopped fighting.  Every diaper change is a massive ordeal and can be really physically demanding.  We liken it to alligator wrestling if you’re wondering.

But, Nixon {#nonixonno} needs to be disciplined.  I say that in the nicest possible way one can say that one’s two year old needs discipline, but we can’t deny it any longer.  The child is on the fast track to the naughty step and it’s time for Dave and I to step up and get down to business.

I can’t write all of this though without recognizing Nixie’s beautiful nature, compassion (usually towards his brother) and his gift for making you feel like you are the most amazing being in the universe.  His beautiful smile reaches me when little else can and reminds me of all that’s good.  He’s also a freaky FREAK with numbers and can tackle like a five year old who has no time for rippa rugby.  

Heart melt Nixon.  



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My Baby is two! Happy Birthday Nixie xx

Two years after a baby is born, they turn two.  Strange but true.

What you never expect is just how quickly this happens, how every day feels like they were just born yesterday, like you just woke up and became a mother of two boys um ………. last week wasn’t it?

I called Nix Baby Hippo before he was born as I knew he was going to be huge (I was right) and huge he still is.  I think his size has a lot to do with how old he seems, his ridiculous vocab and sentence composition also contributes to the impression that he is much older than a newly minted two year old.

Everywhere we go people fall in love with him.  His personality is just like his physical self, larger than life and ready to take charge of any situation.  Nixon will eat anything, talk to anyone, take on any playground, animal or obstacle and do it with a smile and the thank-you-you’re-welcome combo of his trademark “kill you with kindness while I steal your toy” manners.  

More than anyone else, Nixon has his big brother wrapped around his little finger.  Ethan was so excited about his little brothers birthday today he could barely sleep himself last night!  They have the most lovely relationship and it’s increasingly obvious what an important role Ethan is going to play in Nixon’s life in the years ahead – vice versa of course!

Predictably, Nix was suitably spoiled.  I’m a shopping monster when it comes to the kids birthdays and this year fell in love with the New Zealand made vintage toy brand Fun Ho!  Nixon loves these aluminium die-cast trucks and diggers so much that it was time to invest some money and get him some of his own.  We decided to skip the party this year.  Or, to be honest, it wasn’t really a decision, more like, oh shit, Nixon’s birthday is next week and we don’t have any time to plan a party!  Life has been ridiculously busy lately, there is always one of us coming and going and it just felt right to let it go and do without a big “occasion” this year.

What I did do was take a little mate and his lovely Mum to Kiwi Valley and we spent a perfect morning wandering around the farm, feeding the animals, we had horse and tractor rides, played on the playground and enjoyed a relaxed lunch at the cafe.  No stress, and barely anyone else there!  The last time I went there was when Ethan was a similar age and I loved it just as much this time as I explored with Nixon.  

Parenting a two year old is akin to living on the edge of your seat, in a car, with no seat belts, driven by a crazy person who has an aversion to braking.  You never, ever know what’s around the corner and lest you forget, there is no rhyme nor reason to their reaction to ANYTHING.  Be prepared, yes.  But be prepared to be unprepared because I seriously never know what Nixon is going to throw at me (or the walls/ceiling) from day to day.  Most of the time I leave the house running, well, moving as fast as I can whilst herding cats Nixon, the mess we leave in our wake is unfathomable, I always forget something and have to return to the house and I’m invariably late.  Which is a Melissa No-No.  I’ve done it before with Ethan and this (last) time around I’m trying to let it go a bit more and adore these fleeting toddler years before they disappear and I’m left wondering who I was doing all that vacuuming for anyway?!

I love you more than you’ll ever imagine, baby boy.  Happy 2nd Birthday Nixon xx

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Oh yeah. Hirschsprung’s is for life damnit.

Friday, 12th June 10pm: I’m in my bed, eating the hell out of a packet of Lindor Balls.  I just got out of the shower.  A long shower into which I took my trés classy bourbon-in-a-can and sat on the floor.  I didn’t cry, but I could have.

This week broke my baby.

{If you’re a new reader, and not sure about Nixon’s Hirschsprung’s Disease, these posts will fill you in > Nixon and Hirschsprung’s Disease, Last Night’s Hospital Dinner}.

There were a couple of factors contributing to our slow admission that there was something seriously wrong with Nixie this week;

  1. He is teething hard out.  His two year molars are mucking around and I blamed his diarrhoea and general lethargy and grumpiness on this.
  2. Dave, Ethan and I were literally walloped with what we can only imagine was food poisoning on Monday night.  The.  Worst.  Thing.  Ever.  You don’t need details.  So, as you would, we assumed Nix had the same bug. 

Wrong on both counts.  

When he woke up in vomit on Wednesday morning and actually couldn’t do anything but lay on his side, barely able to even speak we rushed off to Starship, with my bags packed.  I knew we would be staying and I instantly knew that he had enterocolitis – a Hirschsprung’s Kid’s nemesis.  

After failing him for a week, I finally got something right.  Surgeons from his operation last year came down to assess him in the ER and he was admitted fairly quickly.  Not that we settled on the ward quickly.  It took a gargantuan EIGHT HOURS to achieve that feat.  We arrived at the ER at 8am, there was no-one else waiting and we were triaged and seen by the doctor very quickly.  Once it was established Nix was going to need IV antibiotics and fluids the shit hit the fan.

Nix has good veins but also a good layer of fat hiding his veins.  The doctor got a line in on first attempt after not too much hassle.  Nix didn’t like it but that was to be expected.  An hour or so into his fluid replacement a nurse arrived to administer his first dose of antibiotics.  She noticed the IV had tissued and Nixon’s arm was rapidly swelling like a balloon because it was filled with maintenance fluids.  Great.

Second attempt.  Same doctor pincushions him in three separate spots, puts line in, pulls line out.  Nix is being restrained by both Dave and I and two nurses while a play therapist tries to interest him in Thomas the Fucking Tank Engine while his eyes are rolling back in his head and he is screaming and thrashing like he’s possessed by the devil.  In the middle of this another doctor runs in and says “lets give him some nitrous and see how that helps calm him down”.

Slightly better result.  Nix isn’t speaking in tongues at least, same doctor gets line in and rapidly disappears.  Nurse goes to administer antibiotics and can’t.  Again.  Doctor no-where to be found, new doctor takes over.  End result achieved by rolling Nixon in a sheet and me pretty much lying on top of him crying my eyes out with Dave doing the same on his lower half and two nurses assisting.  Play therapist gone back to playing, because quite frankly, this has gone WAY past the point of iPad intervention.

Absolutely the worst experience of my entire life, and I’m sure Nixon’s.  Patients cannot go up to a ward without an IV in, and Nix needed those antibiotics mainlined quickly.  X-rays earlier in the day showed his bowel was badly swollen, confirming Hirschsprung enterocolitis – a life-threatening complication of Hirschsprung disease resulting in a grossly enlarged colon, often followed by sepsis and shock. 

This awful, awful series of events had rendered my sick, exhausted boy into a terrified little puddle, clinging to me for dear life.  Signs of his severe anxiety grew over the course of our 3 day stay, culminating in diaper changes becoming a two man job as Nixon’s severe, thrashing, physical protests made it impossible for ether Dave or I to complete this once simple task on our own.  When his bowel movements were as frequent as every 10 minutes you can imagine how emotionally and physically draining this was for all three of us.  

The four hourly obs by the nurses elicited the same response.  So does oral meds.  You actually can’t even imagine the state twice daily rectal washouts leaves Nix in.  Seeing my once bullet-proof-happy guy go through multiple hysteric episodes each day, is heartbreaking.  I don’t know how to fix it.

We returned home this afternoon, with a shattered little boy.  The visible distention in his belly is gone as well as other signs of untreated enter0colitis (which are too gross to bore you with!), so now it’s time to heal.  

My Mum and Dave, who were both ill themselves, were amazing last week, holding things together at home for Ethan (who was also unwell!) and keeping things as normal as possible for all of us.  I’m sure the dogs were very happy with their respite from Nixon, who loves them so much that he actually terrorizes them with the ferocity of his hugs, too bad suckers, he’s back.

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

It’s now Saturday at lunchtime and the promise of being at home has been tarnished by a morning of yelling and bitching at each other, frustration, hysterics and terrible behaviour from Nixon (totally understandable, but so hard to deal with) and just trying to get back on an even keel when it feels like we’ve lost an entire week.  Nix slept all night – so did I, and is showing signs of improvement today.  The nurse on the surgical ward sent us home with exactly the right amount of supplies for today and Sunday, not a ml of saline to spare and the home help nurse said the supplies we need are out of stock so we won’t receive them until mid-week.  That’s the next battle.  Just keep swimming. just keep swimming………

Thank you for all of your love, it is so appreciated xx


Daily Look | Winter’s Bounty

Between Mum’s place up north and our own trees (which are producing fruit in bulk for the first winter ever!), we have lots of home grown citrus and the babes are loving it!  Nixon is obsessed with mandarins.  I peeled him two for morning tea, then continued hanging out the washing.  Upon my return 5 minutes later I found the detritus of his tasting platter.  He’d climbed up onto the bench and been on a rampage through the fruit bowl.  This situation replays over and over in some way or another every minute of every day.  It is, Life With Nixon.

These are my people. Even the toddler.

Yesterday I turned 36.

Ok.  I’m cool, just had to let that sink in for a minute.

Having 2 kids with an 8.5 year age gap means that the four of us often go in different directions. If Ethan has a rugby game and it’s pouring with rain, either Dave or I will stay home with Nix. When I depart to deliver E to pool training, battling rush hour traffic on Lincoln Rd, Nixon will stay at home with Mum.  If there are errands to run or events to go to at nap time, one of us hits the road and the other stays home with bubs.  This is how we roll.  But it kinda sucks.  Going places as a family is kinda the point of having, you know, FAMILY.

So yesterday Dave was hounding me all day about what I wanted to do for my birthday dinner.  My lazy-girl inclinations were screaming fush ‘n chips however my birthday girl sensibilities won and I suggested taking Ethan out to eat with Dave and I. I know no-one believes me when I try and explain why taking Nixon to a restaurant doesn’t immediately spring to mind as one of my Top 5 things to do on my birthday, so I won’t even go there.  All I will say is that it is very, V E R Y stressful.

My limited birthday dinner guest list was overruled by Dave and we headed out to eat at The Flying Burrito Brothers with Ethan, my Mum and Nixon in tow.  < I highly recommend TFBB as a kid friendly place to eat, they have high chairs and the food comes out quick! >

Thank goodness!  How wonderful it was to sit down with my favourite people in the world and share great food and appreciate just how lucky we are to have each other.  I’m pretty sure the other diners weren’t all up the good vibes but hey-ho, ’twas ma birthday bitches and I’ll bring my cray-cray 22 month behemoth out to eat if I feel like it!  And, I think I’ll start doing it more often as well.

Dave and I ate out all the time when Ethan was a baby and toddler.  We were living in San Diego at the time and food was cheap plus, Ethan was a very different child to Nixon.  Nix struggles to remain in his high-chair at home for the duration of a meal, so expecting him to do so in the new/exciting environment of a restaurant where there are people to woo, nooks and crannies to explore and food to steal off of every table is laughable.  

But laugh we did.  Our reservation was for 6pm and we were in the car and on the way home by 7pm!  Bam.  I’m not going to lie.  I found it fever pitch stressful, it felt like we were running the amazing race, hurtling towards the next food drop, hoping it would arrive before Nixon lost his shit and rappelled from the high chair.  But we were together on my birthday.  I may not have eaten much of the avocado salsa before Nix commandeered it for his own high chair entree but I enjoyed my shrimp fajitas and my delicious glass of wine and most of all I enjoyed my people.  Being out in public, as a family, with all of my people.  Even the littlest one xx

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Outsmart your kids with DUPLO Mum Hacks + Giveaway!

Toys that do double-duty are my absolute favourite when it comes to creating hours of meaningful, educational play for Nixon.  I will not buy single purpose toys for under 5’s as little ones tire of them so quickly and often require intensive supervision to ensure they stay focused and on task.  Duplo however, is guaranteed to keep my boys entertained through the daily ‘witching hour’ of 5.50-6.30pm, when all hell breaks loose and ringing through the neighbourhood are the cries of “MASH”, “I’m hungry”, “when will dinner be ready?”, “what’s for dinner”, “MASH”, “we always have THAT”……… your house, too right?  RIGHT? So, I’ve been trying to think out of the box and come up with some simple and quick games Ethan can help Nixie with, freeing me up to feed the masses.

Stage 1 Mum Hack: Nixon is 21 months old and has a rudimentary grasp on his colours.  I built four basic squares and had a rummage in our Duplo box to find a good range of different sized bricks to match the four primary coloured squares; red, yellow, blue and green.  I pop these in a large basket so Nix can easily see all of the bricks.  Using verbal cues we show Nix what the expected result is i.e. all of the Duplo sorted by colour into the squares, and then we prompt him to do it himself.  Creating a basic colour matching game with Duplo will assist with his fine motor skills (picking and sorting) as well as colour identification, differentiation and association.

Duplo Mum Hack Mum Blogger New Zealand Duplo Mum Hack Mum Blogger New Zealand

Stage 2 Mum Hack: Once Nix has grasped colour sorting I’ll print out some flash cards with varying images on them i.e two blue bricks, and ask him to match his Duplo bricks to the image before sorting it into the squares.  This will ease him into emergent numeracy work, identifying shapes, patterns, measurement (big vs small) and numbers – all under the guise of play!  You can take this as far as you want to, flash cards can be quickly drawn up to work on sequencing – the aim in the example below is to make a pattern as described on the flash card.

Duplo Mum Hack Mum Blogger New Zealand

What’s your tip to help make mum’s life easier? LEGO DUPLO is celebrating these tricks with #DUPLOMumHacks. Upload your idea, using #DUPLOMumHacks, and be in with a chance to win a LEGO DUPLO prize pack.

Simply share your hack on Instagram (tag me @thebestnest), Facebook (share on my page The Best Nest) or Twitter (tag me @thebestnestnz) with #DUPLOMumHacks and you’ll go into the draw to win a LEGO DUPLO prize pack of your own. I have three DUPLO My First Playhouse sets to give away! Winners drawn Friday 31st May 2015.  NZ residents only.

All entries shared via Instagram and Twitter using #DUPLOMumHacks will be aggregated in the #DUPLOMumHacks Facebook tab and entered in the grand competition to win a LEGO DUPLO prize pack each month. Click here to find out more and see other entries.

This post was made possible thanks to LEGO DUPLO. All views are authentic and to the best of the authors knowledge at time of publication. 

All entries uploaded using #DUPLOMumHacks will automatically go into the LEGO DUPLO Facebook Competition, please see additional T&C’s here. By submitting an entry, each participant: (a) warrants and represents that he/she owns the rights to the content submitted and that the content submitted is: (i) original to him/her and has been legally obtained and created, (ii) does not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy or publicity rights or any other legal or moral rights of any third party; (b) grants the LEGO Group a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual license to, copy and reproduce the video or entry on the LEGO® website at, its websites and its social media channels; and (c) agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the LEGO Group against any and all claims, damages, expenses, costs and liabilities relating to trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property rights, right of publicity, right of privacy or defamation.

Daily Look | Winter is Coming

I snapped this photo four days ago.  Just looking at it makes me shiver under my woollen jumper, full length tights, fuzzy socks and nana blanket.  Dave has started prepping a section of our yard for a wee makeover.  It’s going to require a digger and a roller and lots of dirt, mud and rocks.  If Nixon had any idea of what lies ahead he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

But for now.  Cold.