Wardrobe Wednesday | Stripes and Brights


My belly is now bigger than my boobs, it’s a slight understatement when I say I’m a wee bit worried as to how big this bump is going to get.  17 weeks to go is plenty of time for that bebe to keep putting on the pounds!  This was a outfit I enjoyed wearing, it was so comfortable.  The skirt I picked up a few years ago for peanuts at Kmart.  It’s stretchy and flowy and the pattern is very kind on lumps and bumps.  The top was a surprise gift from my Mum and is part of the new collection from Country Road (I suggest you click through to see this lovely shirt on someone non-blimpy), Woven Trim Epaulette T-shirt.  Ethan took these pictures and loves them!  He is so sweet about the pregnancy and loves having quiet time with me each night to discuss whatever is on his mind and feel the baby kick.


Skirt: K-Mart

Top: Country Road

Shoes: Overland

Necklace: F21

Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday | Dressing the Bump


Things are starting to get a bit tricky in the wardrobe department!  I’m still managing with my regular clothes {or my Mum’s in this case!} but I’m running out of options.  Of course complicating everything is the heat; my expanding waistline {and ass} have just about filled in my go-to work shorts so I think I have about one more week in those.  I still haven’t made the jump and purchased any maternity wear.  I have some great pieces gifted to me by a lovely friend but I’m trying to save those for when I absolutely am out of other options!

Cardy: Country Road

Dress: OBI

Shoes: Cheapies from the states

Wardrobe Wednesday

Preggo | 19 Weeks

Time is flying by at the moment; I can’t believe I’m almost half way through this pregnancy. I feel like I’ve definitely hit my stride as the daily headaches have stopped, my crippling allergy attacks have ceased and general fatigue is my only real complaint (and what mum doesn’t feel that way on a daily basis right?).
Ethan and I saw our midwife last week and we heard baby’s heartbeat for the first time, this was a big deal for all of us as after my previous missed-miscarriage the paranoia has been quite overwhelming at times.  I can feel baby moving so that keeps me reassured but I know Dave hasn’t let himself get too excited up until this point and E has asked more than once if this baby is going to die – breaks your heart!
I’m still wearing all of my normal clothes, though I did try on a pair of skinny jeans on today and looked like I tried to stuff too much sausage meat into the casings! We are just now starting shopping for baby (or Mum is xx), we purchased a basinette and changing table in the weekend so two big purchases of the cot and Mountain Buggy remain.
Ethan starts school for the year tomorrow and I can’t help but think that having kids 8.5 years apart is going to be quite fun, there will be such a variety of activities going on in our house! I have no qualms about the age gap, it is what it is and now is the right time to add to our family.
Oh and the anatomy scan is on Tuesday!!! Can’t. Hardly. Wait.


Preggo | 15 Weeks

I inched through the first ten weeks of hell in this pregnancy. Morning sickness hit between 2 and 3pm each day and peaked at night, along with a complete disinterest in food, much vomiting and fatigue. I was absolutely wondering what the hell we had decided to do at this point. The first trimester with Ethan – like the entire pregnancy – was a breeze, a couple of hours of mild, textbook morning sickness and then I was sweet for the rest of the day. Compounding everything and dragging out that hideous first trimester was also the fear of another missed-miscarriage.
My head was a mess, I don’t know how I managed to function at work five days a week, at home I didn’t function at all. I came home from picking E up from school and went to bed. For the night. At 3pm.

So hooray for feeling better!
My current afflictions are severe hay fever and daily headaches. Much more tolerable. I am still very tired but find I can soldier on more often. Food is a delight! I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight again and have no food aversions. Croissants, avocado and tomato are my absolute faves, can’t get enough.

One of the lovely things about this pregnancy is Ethan’s genuine joy and excitement about being a big brother. We surprised him with the news on Christmas Eve and the first thing he said was that there was a corner in his room the baby could definitely sleep in there! He talks about the baby all the time and loves quiet time with me before he falls asleep when he can ask me the ten million questions he has about babies! This is definitely the unexpected silver lining to having an 8 year gap.