Wardrobe Wednesday | Breastmates Waterfall Drape Cardi


Cardigan : Breastmates

T-Shirt : My fave AS Colour Custom Mali Pocket Tee

Jeans : Levis Demi Curve

Watch : Marc by Marc Jacobs

Belt : Old Navy

Shoes : Sperry Bahama Sparkle Suede

Earrings & Necklace : Gifts from Dave’s India Trip

Next Thursday I will have been breastfeeding for a year!  So stoked about that, I’m totally crossing my fingers that Nixon will keep going at least until August when his pull-through operation will take place as it will help comfort him so much to be able to breastfeed when he is in pain and just wants to be held.  Ethan spontaneously quit around this time, but thankfully Nix shows no signs of dropping feeds, though he can easily go without if I’m not around.

Full term breastfeeding means I am still quite conscious of what I’m wearing and how easy it is to feed Nixon in a given outfit.  At this time of year layering is essential and a versatile cardi is a key piece that every Mama should have in her wardrobe arsenal.  The Breastmates Waterfall Drape Cardi ticks all the boxes and more for me.

The super soft Modal/Spandex blend was thicker and warmer than I had expected, with the added benefit of being the MOST comfy thing to wear ever!  The asymmetric hemline is so on trend, but unlike other cardigans I have seen in this cut, the back is the perfect butt-covering length.  The waterfall drape is a perfect, built-in nursing cover.  Nixon is too huge and too old to enjoy being covered up while feeding but this would be such a lovely addition to a new Mum’s wardrobe or any Mum with a younger baby who prefers a bit of privacy when nursing – without the added hassle of a separate wrap or cover.

This is a really, lovely, quality addition to my wardrobe and is something that I will continue to wear long after my breastfeeding days are done :::::sob:::::.

I saved the best for last.  The price.  $39.90. I would pay twice the price for this.  No joke.

Available online now from www.breastmates.co.nz





The cardigan was provided free for editorial consideration, but the opinions expressed are my own.


What I Wore | The Ankle Boots + Shorts Thing

A totally unplanned return to Wardrobe Wednesday, so the photos  are sub-par selfies I’m sorry!  Nix is too busy slobbering on my camera to take pictures these days so what’s a girl to do?

Kelly’s Wardrobe Wednesday post today featured ankle boots and a skirt, reminding me that I too had braved bit of trans-seasonal fashion last week and worn my ankle boots with shorts.  Nix and I were heading off to our Midwife’s Christmas lunch {a total Mummy affair} and it was a very typical Auckland day – showery but hot, so a couple of layers worked well.  I kinda loved this look, though it’s not too flattering for my big calves it was super comfy and it felt good to step away from some of my go-to shoes that I would normally pair with shorts.


Dolman Cardigan: Country Road

Sleeveless Blouse: Stussy

Shorts: Country Road

Boots: Andrea Biani


Wardrobe Wednesday | The Final Edition – 39 Weeks


This is the final hurrah, my last Wardrobe Wednesday in what I’m sure will be a long, long time – measured in kilograms! And perhaps seasons lol.  Somehow I have gotten still larger, and somehow despite all predictions to the contrary I am still pregnant, due next Wednesday.
I sat in the salon for 3.5hrs yesterday so don’t fret, those 2.5″ roots are gone, pregnancy definitely sped up my formerly  s l o w  hair growing ability, quite a shame to have spend so much money on getting my hair done only to have it fall out over the next few weeks!

See you on the other side!



35 Weeks Preggo


Oh Lordy. How’dya like that 8 pound bump o’ baby? At this stage it’s like I’m carrying a bowling ball around, he is SO heavy.
I am;
– Exhausted
– Uncomfortable in bed, ergo not sleeping well
– Worried about how how big this kid and I are going to get if he hangs in there to term, (visions of Octo-Mom are further tormenting my sleep)
– Finding day to day tasks more difficult, bending down is nigh on impossible
– Still working and enjoying it
– Very very excited
– Very very much looking forward to sushi
– Missing my lovely clothes and looking forward to shopping once I lose some weight!
– Loving that E came to the growth scan this week with me, it was his first of the whole pregnancy and it was awesome. Because the hippo is so big it was easy for E to understand what he was seeing on the ultrasound. Leftover paranoia from my miscarriage that was discovered via a routine ultrasound – with E present – meant that Dave and I have gone to all previous scans sans E.

35_weeks_pregnantSkirt: Egg maternity, passed on from a friend
Tights: KMart
Tank: Oversized from Cotton On
Top: Kmart

Jacket: Esprit
Shoes: Sperry

Wardrobe Wednesday | 31 Weeks, It’s Poncho Time


Poncho : Country Road

Skirt: Huffer

T-shirt: Verge

Sandals: Overland

We went out on Saturday AT NIGHT!  I was so excited as it was a little bit cooler so I could wear my slouchy cardy/poncho finally.  Believe it or not I purchased this in January, smack bang at the beginning of the never-ending-summer.  I LOVE winter clothes and jackets and layering and scarves…….I possibly love the idea of these things a tad bit more this year as I will have the aftermath of baby hippo to hide throughout the winter {shudder}.

See that skirt?  Mum bought that for me 10 years ago.  Good old Huffer.  I always keep quality clothes especially those that fit you through a range of sizes like this skirt does.

31 weeks;

– Baby hippo is a busy beaver, we woke up one morning and Dave told me that bubs had been building a house all morning!

– The nursery is set-up!!!!  I am waiting for the last two prints to arrive from the states {then I will frame everything}, the mobile to arrive and then I can decorate ::squee::

– My belly feels heavy.  Just SO heavy, like it’s filled with a bowling ball.  Iron pills are helping with my energy levels but lugging the hippo around in the afternoons is hard work.

– I am ridiculously excited.  We have washed all of E’s baby clothes and nearly all of his blankets, I can’t believe how much I saved for 8 years!  Definitely feel like we are on the home stretch now, fingers crossed the home stretch is not quite 9 weeks long x.

Wardrobe Wednesday | Patch Maternity Maxi Skirt



Check me out, full maternity gears on for the first time!  (and I was comfortable!).  I splashed out in the weekend and found the maternity gear at The Warehouse, this Maya T was only $15 and quite thick, I’m hopeful that it will wash well. But that is me in a size large, this baby is huge.  I’m seeing my midwife tomorrow so will be interesting to get her opinion, my own fundal height measurement put me four weeks ahead!!!!!  Scary.

I had been looking for a comfy maternity maxi skirt for a while so was stoked to pop in to Pumpkin Patch and find this perfect knit maxi skirt.  The gusset is super comfy under my bump, though it’s not quite long enough to stay pulled up, and the length is just right on me – I’m 167cm tall.  I had visions of me wearing this all winter even after bubs arrives as it is a very ‘discreet’ maternity skirt, but there appears to be a problem with the fabric.  After one wear it has laddered in two places along the horizontal stripes, ending in a hole by the side seam, so I will attempt to return it and report back.  They have 30% off maternity wear online at the moment btw :  )

Wardrobe Wednesday Accessories


 Top: Maya Maternity Tee

Skirt: Patch Maternity

Shoes: Overland

Necklace: Forever 21

Wardrobe Wednesday | 25 Week Pregnancy Update

25 weeks pregnant

Oh lordy, feeling the physical strain this week.  The 25 week milestone has brought more fatigue and lots of belly / ligament pain.  Any item of clothing that sits under my bump is just torturous, read: I actually purchased an item of maternity clothing this week!  A lovely stretchy maxi skirt from Patch that I’m sure I will wear all winter, even after bubba arrives.  I am happily keeping up with all of Ethan’s commitments and work, Dave and Mum are a big help, but the notorious baby-brain I suffered with Ethan is back with a vengeance.  I recycled a bunch of vouchers I had been sent as giveaways for the blog!  Oh the shame of typing that email.

Mainly I just feel so excited.  Every time I look in my rear vision mirror I have to remind myself that in 15 weeks there will be a little baby cruising around back there, though it’s surprising this ever actually slips my mind as the child is constantly ninja-ing my insides.  I am a wee bit scared that baby is going to be ginormous.  At my last midwife visit I was measuring two weeks ahead so it will be interesting to see if this has changed at my appointment next week.

By the way, do you love this top as much as me?  Bargain of the year, nicely spotted by me a The Warehouse for $20!  The other colour-ways were quite ugly, which is actually fortunate as I would have bought them all if they were half decent!  A perfect bump-coverer in comfy cotton spandex.

25 weeks pregnant20130320-175434.jpg

Shirt: Maya @ The Warehouse $20

Skirt: The Gap

Necklace: The Warehouse

Shoes: Superga Polka Dot Sneakers

Dog cameo: Louie

Wardrobe Wednesday | Little Preggo Black Dress



This dress is the BEST dress I have ever purchased, I can’t believe I haven’t featured it on Wardrobe Wednesday yet.  I purchased it very early in my pregnancy in a larger size than normal as I just knew it would become a go-to favourite.  It’s got bat-wing sleeves, is a soft silky material and has a loose waist tie that I am able to position above the bump for these next few months.  The detail is lost in these pics so here is a beautiful person showing it off;




Dress: Country Road

Bag: Country Road

Shoes: Kathryn Wilson Dhalia Sandals {{{ON SALE NOW}}}

Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday | Stripes and Brights


My belly is now bigger than my boobs, it’s a slight understatement when I say I’m a wee bit worried as to how big this bump is going to get.  17 weeks to go is plenty of time for that bebe to keep putting on the pounds!  This was a outfit I enjoyed wearing, it was so comfortable.  The skirt I picked up a few years ago for peanuts at Kmart.  It’s stretchy and flowy and the pattern is very kind on lumps and bumps.  The top was a surprise gift from my Mum and is part of the new collection from Country Road (I suggest you click through to see this lovely shirt on someone non-blimpy), Woven Trim Epaulette T-shirt.  Ethan took these pictures and loves them!  He is so sweet about the pregnancy and loves having quiet time with me each night to discuss whatever is on his mind and feel the baby kick.


Skirt: K-Mart

Top: Country Road

Shoes: Overland

Necklace: F21

Wardrobe Wednesday

Wardrobe Wednesday | Dressing the Bump


Things are starting to get a bit tricky in the wardrobe department!  I’m still managing with my regular clothes {or my Mum’s in this case!} but I’m running out of options.  Of course complicating everything is the heat; my expanding waistline {and ass} have just about filled in my go-to work shorts so I think I have about one more week in those.  I still haven’t made the jump and purchased any maternity wear.  I have some great pieces gifted to me by a lovely friend but I’m trying to save those for when I absolutely am out of other options!

Cardy: Country Road

Dress: OBI

Shoes: Cheapies from the states

Wardrobe Wednesday