Just for PNUTS

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There are some people out there that don’t have a twitter account :::::GASP:::::

I know.  The accepted colloquialism for these souls is PNUT, or Person Not Using Twitter.  They aren’t required to wear badges yet so you may not be aware when you are face to face with a PNUT, but, they may or may not still be using dial-up.  This is not contagious however, my nana stil has dial-up and I am happily packing the gigs away.

So, for the benefit of the PNUTS, here are my fave tweets of the week:

All the PC nerds are freaking out because a radio station has deemed Friday “Hug a Ginga Day”.  Get a fucking grip people, gingas need love too, it’s about time people stepped up and organised some sort of charity event to help them out!

The scandal continues;

ROFL.  That means rolling on the floor laughing.  Your welcome.

What the hell was this about?  There must be a gas leak in my house or Dave is paying Jenny Craig to infiltrate the fridge.

Yes, it’s all true.  On one day this year I was the picture of domesticity.  Unfortuneately no-one took a picture so you will just have to take my word for it.  #twitterdoesntlie

Oh faux BP account, you are so funny!  (But I’m sure the rednecks will appreciate the cigs).