Life. Lately | IPhone Snaps



  1. We didn’t bother with the mad Post-Christmas shopping frenzy, but I DID bother with the Country Road sale, it was so good!
  2. The weather has kept us indoors for so many days lately, luckily E has lots of new books to read, he is currently steaming through the Roald Dahl box set which Santa brought him
  3. Mum and I took Ethan on his Quarterly Museum trip to escape the showers.  He has been going frequently for so many years, it is amazing to see the different things that he notices now he is a bit older
  4. We rang in 2012 with our lovely neighbours xx
  5. Debs (see lovely neighbour) & I had just been talking about loving your life, and look what was in my Christmas package from MeeMee in Georgia!  Weird
  6. 100% chance of rain.  First time I have ever seen that on my IPhone.  I’m sure it won’t be the last considering we have had more days of rain than sun so far this summer
  7. LOVE.
  8. One minute I was working, Nek Minnit the transformer in front of our building blew up.  True story.  So I got to play at the beach with Mum and Ethan!

Empty Nest

Last week as I sat at the side of the pool, Ethan’s swim instructor ejected all the kids from the pool to watch Ethan swim 25m of PERFECT breaststroke.  I was proud.  Until I realised that he had no business being in this class anymore and had been overlooked for advancement more than once.  ETHAN OVERLOOKED!?!  I don’t know this was possible or how I let this happen (I’ll blame Words With Friends) but the day had finally come when someone (ie TYLER Swim Instructor) had failed to notice Amazing Ethan.  Of course I could not let this rest, after a brief discussion it was decided that Ethan would be assessed the following week.  I put this down to one thing.  Speed.  The boy is built like a baby buffalo, whom I can imagine are not that aerodynamic whilst swimming laps.  He is not the fastest kid in the stroke class but he has the endurance of an Ethiopian.  Kid can swim and swim and swim with perfect technique.

Anywho, fast forward a week and Ethan is preparing to go to Nana’s for the day when I remind him he has swimming in the afternoon (which he will not miss because that shit costs money);

  • Instant tears
  • “My holiday’s RUINED”
  • “I’ll be there at least until next Wednesday MAYBE LONGER!!!”
  • “I am SO angry”
  • “I’m packing my bags” (which he did, he packed 2 sets of clothes and jammies – obviously enough for a week away – MAYBE LONGER.

It’s very quiet here.

Ethan begins his new class next year :  )

Ethan turns 6!

So, I’m a bit behind with my posts but I will be trying to catch in the next few weeks.

Ethan turned 6 at the end of November, in fact the whole month was one big massive countdown.  Bigger than 5 was and bigger than Christmas this year.  Turning six means so many things to him, most importantly the onset of wiggly teeth!

Ethan has had a great year, he has nailed school and has proven that he is a brilliant student with many strings to his bow.  He has so many friends we can barely keep up with the parties, he consistently places top 5 in all sporting events and genuinely enjoys participating in school activities.  He has also been through some massive changes throughout the year; my miscarriage in April was pretty devastating to him.  He so badly wanted to be a big brother, and being in the room with us during the ultrasound when we found out must not have been easy.  He is stoically accepting of the fact that Grandad is sick, he puts up with being shusshed all the time when he needs to be quiet (which must be so hard for a little boy), and generally just gets on with life.

We love you so much Ethan and are more proud of you than you know xxx

My favourite time of the day

I love 3pm. Ethan has just arrived home, he had fun on the bus and is happy to see me (or the plate of afternoon tea, who really knows?). We sit down while he eats and talk about our day and then he does his reading for me. It’s that nice time of day in between driving from work or uni and the dinner, shower, bed race which I loathe.

The Little Rascals

Ethan’s soccer team are ruling the competition this year, they have won every game so far!  The talent in this team is insane, some of the boys look like they came out of the womb kicking goals.  Ethan was awarded Player of the Day on Saturday which was special as it was their hardest game yet and he scored 2 of their 4 goals.  About his long sleeve shirt he is wearing under his soccer shirt…..he wouldn’t take it off, told me it made him run faster!

Eventually the whole story comes out

For the past 6 weeks Ethan has been really into the sandpit at school.  Everyday he comes home with sand in every orifice, pockets and socks full of sand and the occasional story about injuries sustained in the course of sandpit play.  This last part had me puzzled from the get go as I have never heard of so many sandcastle related accidents!  Then there was the occasional whimper of bullies in the sandbox.

To clarify, the sandbox at Ethan’s school is fully fenced to keep cats and teenagers out, it is surrounded by trellis so the kids feel pretty invisible whilst they’re ‘playing’ in there (I’m guessing).

So, yesterday Ethan was on the receiving end of a kick to the nads.  He delivered a kick back and apparently peace was restored between he and his BFF.  At this point I was unable to gather what had started the two boys off.  Of course I had been speaking to Ethan’s teacher about my sandpit worries every time Ethan had voiced concerns himself, so she was aware that there were problems in the sandy oasis.

This morning at 6.45am we got the whole story.

Ethan came into our room to tell his daddy that he had taken his first kick to his ‘privates’ and for the first time he broke the first rule of Fight Club and told us about the Five Year Old Fight Club!  The boys had all been gathering in the sand-pit to fight and wrestle and when the duty teacher came around they got busy pretending to play!  There is one bigger boy who is one of the special needs kids at the school who is a ringleader of sorts (from what I can gather) and invites challengers to take him down!

So the full story finally came out, albeit like a stubborn prickle that could not be forced.  Ethan told us what was going on in his own time.  It is so frustrating though, I knew something was going on weeks ago but he wouldn’t talk about it, and obviously he is no innocent bystander as he was going back to the sandpit every morning tea and lunch to either take part or watch more beat-downs.

So, Dave went to the principal this morning with our findings and the doors to Five Year Old Fight Club are going to be locked for the next week.  I have an ominous feeling that this is what the teenage years might be like, knowing something is going on but getting nothing from your kid despite numerous avenues of questioning and interrogation.  We just have to hope that they trust us enough to eventually talk the situation through of their own accord, which is what Ethan did this morning, and for that I am grateful.

School Holidays #1 – How to Train Your Dragon

Ethan doesn’t often want to go to the movies, he has ten trillion better things to do but he wanted to see this movie.  Dave was away for the day on a fishing charter and I was the pre-req first trimester exhausted so a movie sounded just fine.  We met some friends at the mall and only then did I begin to think that maybe a 3D movie and morning sickness might not go so well together. Oh the trials…….

Anywho, I was a 3D  virgin and LOVED it!  So did Ethan who surprisingly kept his glasses on the entire time and sat transfixed every now and then reaching his hand out to try and grab whatever it was that seemed to be flying past his nose.  The story was cute and endearing, and refreshing because it was a genuine period piece.  Set in the time of vikings there were no modern references peppered throughout as is usual in animated films these days.  Ethan is 5 and was transfixed, there was nothing particularly scary or offensively loud which often puts him off movies.  Best of all the 3D didn’t give me motion sickness!

So a great movie, one we will def be watching again when it’s out on DVD.