School Holidays #1 – How to Train Your Dragon

Ethan doesn’t often want to go to the movies, he has ten trillion better things to do but he wanted to see this movie.  Dave was away for the day on a fishing charter and I was the pre-req first trimester exhausted so a movie sounded just fine.  We met some friends at the mall and only then did I begin to think that maybe a 3D movie and morning sickness might not go so well together. Oh the trials…….

Anywho, I was a 3D  virgin and LOVED it!  So did Ethan who surprisingly kept his glasses on the entire time and sat transfixed every now and then reaching his hand out to try and grab whatever it was that seemed to be flying past his nose.  The story was cute and endearing, and refreshing because it was a genuine period piece.  Set in the time of vikings there were no modern references peppered throughout as is usual in animated films these days.  Ethan is 5 and was transfixed, there was nothing particularly scary or offensively loud which often puts him off movies.  Best of all the 3D didn’t give me motion sickness!

So a great movie, one we will def be watching again when it’s out on DVD.



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