Tough Gal 2015. I did it, in body if not mind

The irony of completing this years Tough Gal challenge to close out one of the most difficult weeks I’ve had in recent memory is not lost on me I assure you.  The poignancy of it, the lovely group of women I did the event with and, let’s be honest, the fact that I fucking killed it with no training (!) has helped strengthen my resolve this week and get my head back in the game.  At the very least I am aiming not to cry for the next seven days!

The past week was a nightmare of scheduling, events, appointments, meetings, sports, kindy visits, play dates, volunteer obligations, a tragic funeral and a running race.  Combine that with a toddler who is transitioning out of his daily nap and the resulting sleep schedule has seen me up in the middle of the night multiple evenings or just sleeping beside Nixie’s cot on the floor, passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Let’s throw in a little bit of blog drama shall we?  I learnt a lesson this week (I actually learnt it twice fml!) and it’s one that any aspiring blogger needs to learn quick and fast; nothing online belongs to you.  Your ideas, your posts, your creative vision, something you’ve worked so hard on for months……it can all be taken, tweaked, a new label put on it and it’s gone.  Anything you post online is fair game and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Don’t be fooled, the blogging game in New Zealand is small.  Yes, it’s growing everyday and there are beautiful friendships  and support networks that have blossomed as a result, but don’t let anyone tell you it’s not competitive because it damn sure is.  Everyone wants a piece of the pie and if you thought a particular pie was yours then you better think again sister.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter too much.  It hurts but it doesn’t matter.  Like anything, concerning yourself excessively with what others are doing is only a disservice to yourself.  Bringing the focus back inward has helped me just ‘survive’ the week and move on.

But the Tough Gal event was all kinds of amaze!  

I was so nervous, I almost threw up.  I overcame this by saying to my new-found friend Rebecca, “let’s do this, let’s go right to the front of the starting tunnel, charge it and get it done – fast!”.  The end result wasn’t exactly fast in my opinion, 47 minutes for the 6km course, but I was pretty happy with my placing of 31st/316 in the Under 39 Female division and 158/742 finishers. Hell yes!

I have never been so dirty in my entire life.  I’m pretty good at just embracing whatever environment I’m in.  I don’t stress about sand at the beach (I mean, how can you?  You’re at the BEACH!), and I literally just dived into the mud run and got on with it.  Crawling over the mud was way faster in most instances then trying to wade through it, next year I’ll wear some rugby boots because lack of traction on the slopes is where valuable time is lost.  The second half was the best.  The very large mud obstacles were behind me and there was a long flat stretch where I could stretch my legs and just run, until hitting one of the man-made obstacles of course!  These were cake though compared to the mud in the first half.  The last 3 km’s go so much faster than the first 3 thank god, but finishing with a mudslide into an icy pool was a bit rough!

The day was gorgeously sunny and *almost* warm-ish.  I can’t imagine how much more difficult this event would be in the rain, which you pretty much have to bank on seeing as it’s held in winter!  I consider myself very lucky to have gotten my first mud event under my belt in dry conditions.  

Thanks so much to Rosie, from Fit Mama for organizing her team and letting me be a part of it.  It was beyond awesome to meet you amazing ladies and knock the bastard off yesterday – in more ways then one!

Have a great week everyone xx

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Say hello! My Fun Box + Giveaway



Mummy Blogger New ZealandThis is the second time on The Best Nest for this lovely Mama owned business!  Ethan and I reviewed the Ready, Steady, Go! box from My Fun Box back in February, so it’s lovely to have owner Renee back to learn a little bit more about her and her one-of-a-kind subscription based business.  I was actually great friends with Renee’s partner Phil  w a y  back in high school, and though I haven’t seen him in a very long time, it’s been great to be able to reconnect (somewhat) in a weird-internet sort of way!  Small New Zealand doing its thing lol.

So, back to business, Renee is one busy, busy lady.  She and Phil have two little guys Nate, (3.5 years) and Mitch (18 months).  I could stop right there and have to wipe my brow, but these two are a multi-business family.  Renee describes it as having their fingers in a few pies……um yes!   Renee is a self-employed graphic designer as well as running My Fun Box, whilst Phil works his 9-5, spends evenings working on a business of his own with plans to start another business later in the year.  

That’s how it’s done people, hard work xx

Let’s Say hello! to Renee in her own words;

1.  How did you evolve into the owner of My Fun Box?

I came across an American company that made really cool kids activity boxes. I contacted them directly asking to be a NZ reseller of their product but they weren’t interested. I asked to buy their product wholesale. Still not interested. I even struggled buying their product online as they wouldn’t accept an NZ address or credit card. I had to get friends in the States to purchase and send a few boxes to me as I really wanted to see that they were like. When they finally arrived I LOVED them and was inspired to create my own version for kiwi parents. Phil and I spent over a year putting numbers together and researching the concept. Once we started talking to friends about the idea we decided it was now or never and to just take the risk and start the business. We launched in December 2014.

2.  It’s obviously a fairly creative process getting each activity ready for distribution.  How do you bring different ideas to life?

I LOVE Pinterest and that’s where I get inspired! Each box has a different theme so I start there and gather activities related to the theme. Then I choose a couple that excite me, gather the materials and test the activities with Nate. The activity is chosen if it’s relatively easy or straight forward to make and the result is SUPER cool. The next step is getting test boxes together and out to my box testers to make sure the instructions work and there are enough materials etc. And to make sure kids love the activities! 
What’s happening with the boys and their interests plays a part as well. For example, the lantern activity is inspired by Nate’s love of Batman and super heros. My Fun Box activities need to have ‘meat’ to them and give kids the opportunity to explore, learn, discover, create etc with mum or dad.  

3.  No-one talks about the hard days that go with the territory when you’re a Mum with a young family, juggling a business.  What do these days look like for you and how do you push through?

The hardest days are when the kids are sick on a daycare/kindy day. Being the primary carer, my work gets put on hold to look after them. I struggle with that because I have limited hours to work and ‘losing time’ makes it hard to catch up or stretches out tasks/goals for progressing both businesses. I’m very lucky to have understanding clients too who are relatively flexible with deadlines. But on these days I tell myself that my main job in life is being Mum to my two amazing boys and when they are sick they need me. Everyone and everything else can wait!

4.  Subscription boxes are huge right now!  What’s the attraction?

That’s one of the main reasons we decided to go ahead with the business. The subscription business model is HUGE in the States and we knew it was just a matter of time for it to take off in NZ. The American company who inspired My Fun Box is subscription based and has been hugely successful so we modeled our business on theirs.
We want to help parents unlock and nurture their kids creative potential. This isn’t going to happen with one box. And as parents, we all have so much going on that we want easy and convenient solutions.

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

5.  Have there been any surprises along the way as you’ve brought My Fun Box to market?

I thought I would have sold more boxes and subscriptions by now! I’ve also been surprised with comments from few family members and friends about giving up on the business because of it’s lack of sales so far. One friend told me yesterday that he’s impressed with my tenacity with My Fun Box and I replied with ‘I’m not giving up. It’s a great idea and I LOVE it. Things are taking time to get established but it gives me time to get better systems in place and build a GREAT business.’ But I’m one that if someone tells me I can’t do it, I do my damnedest to prove them wrong 🙂  

6.  What area(s) of business do you consider key to the ongoing success of My Fun Box and how are you pushing forward in this area?

Getting in front of the right target market and building my audience. So the focus at the moment is building relationships with businesses and people who have the same/similar target audience. I’ve been doing a lot of giveaways and co-promotions which has been great in getting the My Fun Box brand out there.

7.  What’s ahead for My Fun Box?

We’ve got some cool boxes coming out soon – magic, science and gardening to name a few. We want to expand our offering into party activities and other products. And there’s the possibility of expanding overseas but we’ll see.
I really want to inspire parents to sit down and spend time with their kids, away from the TV, iPad and phones, and create awesome memories together. And I believe that our range of activities will give kids the skills, like problem solving and creative thinking, that will set them up for life.

This week on Say hello! one lucky winner will be able to choose a box from the super cool range at my Fun Box, perfect timing for the School holidays!  Head over to Facebook, and follow the instructions on the Say hello! post and get in the draw.  Competition closes Sunday 5th July @ 10pm.

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Win | Mother earth Super Food Peanut Butters

A match made in heaven!

 NEW Chia Seed joins the Super Food range of peanut butters from Mother Earth. Packed with protein, New Mother Earth Chia Seed Peanut Butter is a wholesome ‘super food’, perfect for everyday use.

To celebrate the arrival of Mother Earth Chia Seed Peanut Butter in selected supermarkets nationwide, we have 2 double packs of the Mother Earth Super Food peanut butter range which features Chia Seed peanut butter and the wholesome LSA blend, to giveaway valued over $13!

For more information visit

To enter please leave comment below and tell me whether you are a crunchy or smooth peanut butter lover.  For 3 more chances to win, head over to The Best Nest on Facebook.  Competition closes Monday 29th June, 10pm.

Beauty Review | Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation

We are now essentially halfway through 2015 ergo, I am halfway through my year of skincare and makeup discovery.  And, I am loving it!

I used to dread the time it took to put on what little makeup I used, but now I actually look forward to it.  My skin is going through some kind of awful mid-life crisis, so I am hugely appreciative of any product that helps make me feel a little less self-conscious right now.

This little black compact from smashbox is seriously the answer to my prayers right now.  Dubbed the #instafilter for your face, the Photo Filter Powder Foundation is my new best friend. I was asked to pick my shade online, which was difficult as there are 10 variations to choose from.  I would definitely recommend you head to a counter for some colour-matching advice before you buy.  I got my shade right (I think!), but I have fairly olive skin and am a typical medium, so shade 6 seems a good fit.

It comes with a double sided round sponge with a different finish on each side, one side for sheer coverage and the other side for full coverage.  After a couple of weeks of using the sponge, I can’t tell which side is which and probably need to replace it with something else so suggestions welcome please!  Maybe I should be using a brush?

This is a really creamy powder, it goes on easily, blends well and sets with a lovely velvety finish.  I have really bad dry patches around my nose and on my chin right now but found that the Photo Filter Powder didn’t accentuate these at all thank goodness!  I have worn it quite a few ways, over BB cream which was great for a nighttime event, on it’s own and with a primer during the day. Though I was happy with it in each circumstance, using the primer first (I used Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro) seemed to maintain a nice dewy look all day.  8 hour wear?  Absolutely.

It definitely achieves the blur effect that one would expect from a product called Photo Filter.  Containing fancy things such as Light Filter Technology and Photoset Polymers (I’ll leave you to study up on those!), this foundation brings some serious artillery to the table.  I’m in love with its imperfection concealing abilities and only use a few dabs of concealer to finish off, which is crazy if you knew the extent of redness I’m having to hide right now!  < I had a very bad reaction to a product a couple of months ago.  

Would I purchase this product?  Yes, without any hesitation.

Smashbox Photo Filter Powder Foundation RRP $62

I was gifted this product for review purposes, all opinions expressed are my own.


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Win – Disney on Ice Presents Dare to Dream

One of my most vivid childhood memories is of the day Mum and Dad took my brother Hadyn and I to Disney on Ice way back in the eighties.  It would have been one of their first tours of New Zealand and it blew my little mind with all of its enchanted, magical showstopping glory.  I cried tears of happiness as the curtain lifted and the show began and remember thinking {I can remember everything from my childhood however blurry my twenties might be……} “this is the BEST day of my life! ::::::sigh::::”.  And now I get to share the magic that only Disney can bring with my own kids!!!!!!

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

The magical show that is Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream opens in New Zealand in July 2015 and will take audiences on a spectacular journey featuring all your favourite Disney characters. Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream will travel to New Zealand from Australia, opening at Vector Arena in Auckland, and then travelling to Wellington and Christchurch.

Join your favourite Disney Princesses and their heroic Princes in a classic meets contemporary celebration of 75 years of Disney Princess stories. Laugh at Disney’s hilarious hair-raising escapade, Tangled, as Rapunzel; her unlikely companion, Flynn; and Maximus, the Captain of the Guard’s determined horse; embark on an uproarious journey that takes adventure to new lengths! Travel to the enchanted forest with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as Snow White escapes from the Evil Queen in her search for her one true love. And, watch as fanciful dreams become reality as Cinderella meets her Prince Charming, with a glass slipper fit for an unforgettable fantasy come true. Audiences will boogie to the beat of the bayou in a magical, musical journey that celebrates the story of The Princess and the Frog with Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream is a show not to be missed and suitable for the whole family!

2015 National Tour Dates

Auckland – Vector Arena                                 24 – 26 July          (Fri -Sun)

Wellington – TSB Bank Arena                        29 July – 2 Aug   (Wed – Sun)

Christchurch – Horncastle Arena               7 – 9 Aug                 (Fri – Sun)

Purchase Auckland tickets through Ticketmaster: 09 970 9700 or and Wellington & Christchurch tickets through Ticketek: 0800 TICKETEK (842 538) or  Tickets start from just $29.50* for more information visit

I have a multi-ticket pack of four passes to give away to a show in each of the cities hosting the New Zealand tour!  To enter just comment below with which city you would like to attend the show in.  Competition closes Sunday 28th June @ 10pm.

Say hello! Willow & Wolfe


Some brands take luxe to a whole new level but in a quiet, understated way that leaves you wanting ALL the things.  Willow & Wolfe is name to remember, offering a carefully curated gift basket service that combines the innate pleasure of gifting with lustworthy goods and presentation that is second-to-none.  With some of my favorite brands on offer, think The Aromatherapy Co, Aden & Anais, Man O’ War wines, Schott Zwiesel glassware, Veuve Clicquot and Wellington Chocolate Factory, the selection is a veritable tour de force of the very best and most indulgent items to appeal to every taste and occasion.

Understanding that not every recipient has similar requirements, the Willow & Wolfe website also provides a very easy to navigate bespoke service, allowing you to carefully select each item, ensuring your gift is perfectly matched to the lucky recipient.

Before her 21 month old son Hunter was born, Willow & Wolfe owner Anna was a commercial litigator, working previously in both London and Auckland.  The desire to move on from the legal world took precedence after she and husband Brendan welcomed Hunter into the world, and Anna’s goal of running her own business came to fruition with the inception of Willow & Wolfe.  

Anna in her own words;
  1.  How do you make family life and managing your business work?

I try my best to stick to (rough) set periods of time for work and non-work life. Otherwise, with working from home, it can get tempting for everything to merge into one and to not get out and do fun things with my little boy, Hunter.

My Father-in-law is great at coming over to take Hunter for an outing during the week as well so that I can set up work meetings etc in that time.

  1.  When you’ve stepped into the SAHM role, it can be hard to shift gears and have your business goals recognised as worthy, viable and in tandem with the special work we do raising the babes. You’ve got to put what you want out there and dream big right?

Yeah definitely. Our friends and family have all been really supportive and have taken my Willow & Wolfe vision and work seriously. I think once people see how many hours, and how much love you put into your own business they really get behind you and do everything they can to encourage you.

  1.  If someone was gifting YOU a Willow & Wolfe basket, which one would you choose? – I know which one I’m coveting!

Oooh, that’s tough. My husband refers to me as the ultimate consumer as I LOVE cool brands, good food, and sifting around markets etc. Choosing the products stocked by Willow & Wolfe is such fun and always feels a bit like I am shopping for myself. At the moment I would probably go for “Put Your Feet Up” for a bit of  winter pampering.    

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

{I would totally choose the Palatable Preserves, total sucker for yummy spreads on crackers……….and the wooden presentation box!!}

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

  1.  At the end of a tough day how do you regroup?

Sit down for dinner with my husband and catch up on each other’s day. We are currently addicted to “Orange is the New Black” and we love to sneak in an episode of that where we can to switch off.

  1.  What’s ahead for Willow & Wolfe?

We are blown away with how W&W is going but with being a new business the focus is definitely on continuing to grow our repeat customer base. It is exciting to see where things will head in the next 12 months.

Willow & Wolfe have such a special prize for one reader this week, head over to our Facebook page and comment on this week’s Say hello! post before Sunday 28th June at 10pm for the chance to win the gorgeous Put Your feet Up hamper featured in this post.


Slow Down Sunday

Dave has taken the boys out this morning so I returned home from boot camp to a very rare, empty house.

And I don’t know what to do with myself!

This hasn’t been the best week, but not the worst either.  I’ve been a bit shouty {at Ethan}, I’ve been a bit tearful {in front of the whole rugby team, the SHAME}, I’ve been quite forgetful {where did I put that envelope full of other peoples money again?} and I let my confidence take a hit for no good reason.

The good news is that Nixon is well!  He’s finished antibiotics so that’s one less thing we have to battle with him over every day.  We are on daily wash-outs for the next 5 weeks but we are settling into the rhythm of that and Dave and I are managing to do them on our own – in the hospital it took four of us because he was so distressed.  So things are looking good, PLUS it’s been seven days since anyone threw up in our house!!!


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been really mindful of where my time is going, as it seems I’m losing whole hours throughout the day.  I want those hours back.  Multi-tasking has killed my focus over the years (I’ve written about this before > Mummy Multi-tasking and the Demise of Productivity) and regrouping and getting my shit together is proving more difficult than I thought!  Decreased productivity goes hand in hand with decreased motivation, and basically I’ve been attending to perceived ‘obligations’ here on the blog, prioritising those instead of my own, personal writing.  Which is why we’re all here in the first place right?

Please bear with me as I try and get the balance right, both in my head, in my home and here on the blog.  

We I made a big decision this week, which should help clear the cobwebs a little.  Nixon is now enrolled in the most beautiful, local kindergarten for two half day sessions a week.  He needs it.  That is what I based my decision upon.  I have a feeling Dave is not entirely happy about it, he said that Nix should be at home, he’s too little.  The truth of the matter is, Nixon instantly felt ‘at home’ when we visited the kindy.  He is a very social guy and I can’t give him the interaction he needs at home.  I could have walked out after 5 minutes and left him in the capable hands of the staff there, he was that happy.  He will begin in a couple of weeks after he turns 2, so we have time to prepare the household for the reintroduction of kindy-germs and illnesses – it’s been a long time!

So there we are, all caught up.  Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and let’s kick ass next week shall we? xx

Acquisitions | SwimFin Swimming Aid + Giveaway

Learning to swim and learning at an early age is non-negotiable in our house.  Ethan is now 10 1/2 and has been in lessons since he was 3 months old – kid is a fish!  Nix began a little later but is now doing really well in the pool (and I’ll be doing really well as soon as he graduates to the independent swimming classes!).

Needless to say we have tried and tested pretty much every swim aid under the sun and there has been one common denominator with both of our boys – they HATE flotation devices on their arms.  They hate putting them on, they hate keeping them on and they really, really don’t enjoy their time in the pool when they’re wearing them.  Back floaties work so much better for us and the SwimFin is just the best out there.

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

SwimFin is a unique, self-adjusting swimming aid for all ages and abilities and it’s pretty darn cute to boot.  Before he got sick, we took Nix to our local pool while Ethan was at Swim Squad and had so much fun as he took to the water with his amazing ‘shark fin’.  Dave was on swimming duty while I fielded questions from pretty much all the parents in attendance about Nixie’s cool new swimming aid!

Take a look at how stable and steady Nix is as he ‘swims’ from Dad to the side of the pool!

Things I love about the SwimFin;

  • It’s so easy to get on!  There’s no mucking around sizing straps, the velcro is quick and allows this product to grow with your littles.
  • Like the description, the SwimFin totally self adjusts, Nix was kept upright and in a position where he could relax without freaking out that his head was going to go under.  I have never seen him so confident in the pool.
  • The colours are super fun and bright and the construction is amazing.  I felt really confident about Nixon swimming with this on as his aid.
  • It’s non-inflatable, I actually can’t think about how scary it would be if a blow up floatie popped!  SwimFin is made from soft but sturdy moulded EVA foam
  • Nixon is just 23 months old and entirely capable of getting himself to the edge of the pool while he’s wearing his SwimFin.  You can see from the video above that his natural response is to paddle hard with his little arms, much more effective without bulky floaties on each side!


SwimFin is available here in New Zealand in a super cool range of colours.  Purchase online at RRP$46.95.  

We love this product and are so excited to be able to give away a SwimFin pack to one lucky reader!  To be in to win, head over to our Facebook page and follow the instructions on the SwimFin image.  Competition closes 25/6/15.

Say hello! Fit Mama + Giveaway


Recognizing the need to make time for exercise and identifying the physical and mental benefits that exercise can bring was a turning point for me as a Mum.  I’ve always worked out on and off over the years, sometimes running, sometimes at a gym, always power walking.  This year I’ve begun my journey as a runner {you can read about that here}, setting myself a 10km target by 2016.  The thing is, running is lonely.  I’m not a hugely social person anyway, but I would often run past boot camps held at our local park and think that, maybe, that looked like a bit of fun.  Problem = small, blessed child.  The park is unfenced, and it’s not a mummy-and-me boot camp anyway so trying to work up a sweat whilst not losing a child just isn’t going to happen.  

Lucky for me, Rosie, owner and trainer at Fit Mama and Mummy to delicious Spencer and Hugo, invited me to come along and experience what her baby-friendly workout classes are like.  Of course I said yes, and headed to Oratia in Auckland to check it out.  

First impression; what a relief!  SO not like walking in to a gym for the first time.  In fact, I don’t think anyone actually noticed that I was new, the other ladies were busy pre-class just being Mummy’s.  Getting their little ones situated and happy, lunchboxes out, bikes in the door, toys out of the bag etc.  It instantly felt welcoming, relaxed, friendly and just, good I guess?  

When Nix is at full strength he’s a nutter.  This is a fact.  Luckily the hall is safe for little ones, I wasn’t anxious that he could get outside, in fact he was so interested in the other kids that the thought of escape probably didn’t even cross his mind.

The workout?  Oh my god.  As I said, I’ve been running this year, but mixing up my training is not something I do so I was sore for four days!  Rosie has the goods, her workout for us was the perfect combination of repetition and variation and the pain was definitely varied across ALL muscle groups lol.  I went back the next week to take some photos and was again impressed by a totally different class structure and workout plan.  Hopefully Nix will be fighting fit this week so I can join the ladies again this Thursday.

Let’s meet Rosie!

Mummy Blogger New ZealandTell us a little bit about Fit Mama;

After I had my first son, Spencer I struggled to find time and motivation to exercise, and I was lonely.  I tried joining a gym but it wasn’t social, it was expensive, and I still couldn’t find time to get there between feeds, naps and spending time with my husband. 

I started Fit Mama because I wanted mums in my community to have the opportunity to get fit, socialize with other mums and have fun without the stress of finding a babysitter.  Plus it was what I needed!  I began exercising regularly, socializing, losing weight and making friends with other mums, all at the same time.  Above all I felt like I had a place in my community and new purpose to my days.

I believe that Fit Mama allows you to a) be a positive, healthy role model to your children b) exercise alongside like-minded women c) do something for yourself and d) exercise at an affordable rate.

Fit Mama Group Fitness Classes are a fun way to workout.  Every session is different, you work hard without having to think too much about what you’re doing, and you can bring the kids along.  It’s win-win!  They are classes aimed at all fitness levels so literally anyone can do it.  I also offer Personal Training, personalized weight loss packages, home workout programs, nutrition consultations and support packages, because group classes aren’t for everyone.

Mummy Blogger New ZealandWhich came first, the business or the babes?

The concept came to me during my pregnancy with Spencer. I didn’t start anything until he was four months old while I coped with learning to be a mum and trying to work up the courage to get into it.  So I guess you could say they were born together!

Mummy Blogger New ZealandHow does the whole ‘take your kids to work’ thing work for you?

Having two boys to look after while trying to make sure everyone is getting a sweat up AND keep an eye on everyone else’s kids can be draining, but that’s the whole concept of the business….we’re all mums! My workplace is naturally an understanding and supportive environment.  We all watch and entertain each others babies and it just works.  Plus I’m pretty lucky to have well-behaved boys.

Mummy Blogger New ZealandWhat inspires you to keep inspiring other women on their fitness journeys?

In a sense I’ve been lucky to be in the same boat as most of my clients – starting Fit Mama with a four month old I was losing baby weight and regaining my fitness.  I then reached my peak, got pregnant and am now back in the same game – losing baby weight and getting to the top of my fitness game.  I think (I hope!) that people are inspired by seeing change in me – because I’m just an everyday mum like them – I have the same daily pressures and frustrations, the same kind of commitments, the same sleepless nights!  I like to think that people see me and what I achieve and feel that there’s nothing in their way either.  

My biggest inspiration is my clients themselves.  I love knowing that I’m helping other mums to live a healthy balanced life; encouraging them to be positive healthy role models to their kids; challenging them in their fitness.  I love seeing massive leaps on fitness tests term after term after term.  I love getting to know each incredible mum that comes along to my classes, and the fact that every single week they manage to get out the door by 9, babies and toddlers in tow, and come and run around with the rest of us.

Mummy Blogger New ZealandLet’s talk about motivation, what’s your secret to getting out of the door with those sneakers on – regularly?

Generally I’m great – I love heading out for a run.  It’s the only time I spend on my own with my own thoughts.  I make future plans for the business and my family, I dream, I sing!  I’m also really competitive and once I’m running, I’m pretty determined to beat my last time.  I’m really motivated to get my fitness back to where it was when I got pregnant in 2014.  On those days I really can’t be bothered?  My husband basically pushes me out the door!Mummy Blogger New Zealand

We have such an amazing prize this week, Rosie and Fit Mama are giving away a term membership to one lucky reader!  That’s two classes per week for Term 3 valued at $230!  Head over to The Best Nest on Facebook and follow the instructions on the competition post.  Comp closes Sunday June 21st 10pm.

Mummy Blogger New Zealand

Acquisitions | Emma & Roe Jewellery

There are two things I’ve always loved when it comes to both fashion and jewellery; textural, boho elements and layering/stacking.  Emma & Roe has done an amazing job of combining these two elements in their collections with the additions of gorgeous leather wrap bracelets and totally covetable range of mix and match stacking rings.  I already have a “mummy” charm bracelet so when I was invited to shop the range* I was looking for something a little different, something that would actually add to my mummy uniform style rather then just simply complement it.

Leather looks so good on its own or combined with other metals so I instantly fell in love with these simple wrap bracelets.  The clasp is genius by the way.  The closure is magnetic stainless steel that is super firm but also totally doable one handed.  These are now on high rotation as they are perfect, everyday pieces to add colour to an outfit without worrying about over-the-top styling.  The Wild Hearts collection includes larger charms that fit onto the wider leather bands, giving you the freedom to customize your look day to day.
Emma and Roe Mummy Blogger New ZealandI’m having a tough time with my skin reacting to my white gold wedding jewellery at the moment so I couldn’t resist a little sterling silver stack to put some pretty back on my fingers.  Black is a wardrobe staple season after season but it proves a bit more difficult to source when looking for quality jewellery to pair with your LBD – or your puffer jacket, either way.  These three delicate bands combine for max impact, creating a statement piece that is both pretty and bold at the same time, I love it!

Emma and Roe Mummy Blogger New Zealand

Emma and Roe Mummy Blogger New Zealand

Very Important Things to note;

Both the bracelets and rings are perfect mix-and-match everyday pieces which I love, as I don’t tend to re-style my jewellery on a daily basis.  I can’t wait to add to my collection with some charms for the leather bracelets and some gold stack rings to make them even more versatile.

Emma and Roe Mummy Blogger New Zealand Emma and Roe Mummy Blogger New Zealand

* I was gifted my choice of products in exchange for editorial consideration.  All opinions expressed are my own.